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Applying for Access to the Accelerator Test Facility

Who may apply for ATF access?

The ATF serves a broad community of researchers from national and international laboratories, universities and businesses that use accelerators and lasers. Access is provided for fundamental accelerator science as well as accelerator technology development.

Is access free?

The ATF is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of High-Energy Physics under the Accelerator Stewardship program. The ATF provides free beam access to qualified researchers performing non-proprietary work with open public access. Full cost recovery is in effect for proprietary research.

How to Apply

Applications for access to the Accelerator Test Facility are evaluated by the ATF Program Advisory Committee (APAC), which meets annually, typically in the Fall. Apply for access by selecting the create new proposal option in the PASS proposal submission system at, making sure to attach a scientific case complete with references (Note: a Google account is required for PASS access). ATF proposal submission is now administered by the GUV center, please address any questions about the submission process to Kelly Guiffreda.

New proposals are scheduled for oral presentation at the APAC meeting. Approval for Regular Access is made by the ATF Scientific Program Director (ASPD) based on recommendations made by the APAC. Regular Access to the ATF is granted for a period described and justified in the proposal.

ATF control room

In exceptional situations of justified extreme urgency, a new user experiment may be considered for “Fast Track Access” approval before the time of the next APAC meeting. Fast Track Access must be approved by both the ATF Director and ASPD. The Fast Track Access is granted until the next APAC meeting; at that time, the proposal must be resubmitted in order to continue under a Regular Access, subject to recommendations made by the APAC.

The third form of the ATF access is a Feasibility Study. This access is aimed at checking if the requirements of an experiment match the capabilities of the ATF in order to support a proposal for a regular experiment. A Feasibility Study can be approved by the ATF Director for a limited period. A Feasibility Study is provided for one year with access allowed on the lowest priority basis relative to user experiments with Regular or Fast Track Access and facility maintenance

Before submitting your proposal, please contact the operations coordinator, Mikhail Fedurin ( to discuss such details as the required ebeam/laser parameters, beam line space allocation, and how much beam time to request. Also, please contact the ATF ESH coordinator, Karl Kusche ( for help with labor requirements and hazard assessments.

Approved multi-year experiments are subject for annual reporting at the time of the annual APAC meeting, as mandated by DOE requirements for user’s facilities. The reporting comprises the submittal of a written report and an oral presentation at the APAC meeting by the Principle Investigator or a designated registered user of the experiment. Completed experiments are encouraged to present a final oral report and are mandated to submit a final written report at the end of the experiment.

Approved users must establish a research agreement with Brookhaven National Laboratory.

As soon as your experiment has been approved you should see here about scheduling beam time and how to apply for site access.