General Lab Information

Brookhaven Advocacy Council

The Brookhaven Advocacy Council, a key component of the Laboratory’s commitment to fairness, shall endeavor to create an atmosphere of trust between itself and BNL employees, guests, and users that is expected to contribute to a quality work environment at the Laboratory. Through action oriented initiatives, the Council will promote the full utilization of talents and capabilities of the Laboratory’s diverse work force. It will pursue the following goals.

  1. Ensure confidentiality and professionalism on the part of the Council members in the handling of employee, guest, and user concerns. Conduct itself in a manner so that employees, guests, and users at all levels feel their concerns and issues will be taken seriously.
  2. Ensure strict observance of the Laboratory’s policy of zero tolerance for retaliation against an employee, guest, or user who raised a concern.
  3. Thoroughly investigate employee, guest, and user concerns/issues and resolve in a timely way.
  4. Promote employee, guest, and user awareness of the Council’s activities.
  5. Ensure employees, guests, and users are trained and educated about diversity in their workplace.
  6. Keep the Laboratory’s Director fully informed of employee, guest, and user concerns/issues that are brought to the Council's attention.