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Brookhaven Advocacy Council

The Brookhaven Advocacy Council (BAC) advises and makes recommendations to the Deputy Laboratory Director on the resolution of employee, guest, and user concerns or issues that are brought to the attention of the BAC.

A key component of the Laboratory's system of justice, the BAC is charged with the authority to receive and respond to employee, guest, and user concerns or issues; analyze and research data; and propose resolutions.

The BAC shall have access to all pertinent, uncensored information, within the Laboratory's guidelines regarding confidentiality, to assist them in the resolution of concerns or issues.

Contacting the BAC

Concerns or issues may be brought to the Council's attention by contacting any member of the Council directly (see contact information below). In addition, the Council will hold monthly meetings, generally the second Wednesday of each month. See the Events Calendar on the BNL website: for BAC meeting dates, location and time.  The BAC invites employees, guests, and users to meet with them during the open session of their monthly meetings to share with the Council any concern or issue they may have.

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Brookhaven Advocacy Council Members

Brookhaven Advocacy Council Members

Officer Name Dept Bldg Phone Term End
Chair Donley, Matthew Procurement & Property Management Division 98 2300 6/20
Co-chair Rogers, Mary Procurement & Property Management Division 902B 3251 6/20
Secretary Hayes, Yvette Collider Accelerator Department 923 2833 6/20
Outreach Coordinator Nasta, Kathy Human Resources 400E 7114 6/20
Doyle, Debbie Guest Services Division 902A 3977 6/21
Paniccia, Matthew Collider Accelerator Department 911A 4927 6/20
Rumore, Matthew Instrumentation Division 535B 5372 6/21
Stiegler, Lori Safety & Health Division 745 5366 6/21