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Donald DiMarzio

Dear fellow CFN users:

On behalf of the CFN Users’ Executive Committee (UEC), I am pleased to report recent happenings since our last newsletter.

  • Work is continuing on our new proposal system that will make it more user friendly and help facilitate periodic time requests for access to selected facilities. This effort includes beta testing and evaluation.
  • The CFN has hired a new staff scientist, Esther Tsai. Esther aims to develop optimized processing and analysis pipelines for synchrotron x-ray data—including that of coherent diffractive imaging and scattering experiments—to extract embedded information and increase throughput. Esther will also provide user support for small-angle and wide-angle x-ray scattering.
  • The CFN also has hired a new assistant director for strategic partnerships, Priscilla Antunez, who comes from Argonne National Laboratory. Priscilla will lead the development of partnerships with universities, other government labs, and industry to help strengthen CFN’s research and development and to support the CFN user community.
  • The purchase of a new focused ion beam is planned for this year, and vendor evaluations are underway.
  • The CFN had a booth once again at the 2018 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting & Exhibit in Boston, along with a CFN user’s dinner, which was well attended.
  • A reminder: the annual NSLS-II & CFN Joint Users’ Meeting will be held from May 20–22. Be sure to check the website, which is currently under development. We hope to see you there. At the meeting, we will hold elections for new members and a new UEC chair.

The UEC is always interested in hearing from you, and we sincerely hope you can join us in our efforts to improve the user experience at the CFN. Please feel free to send me any thoughts on how the UEC can help make such improvements.

—Donald DiMarzio
2017–19 CFN UEC Chair (chair@cfnuec.org)

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