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Computing for National Security

The Computing for National Security Department tackles the grand challenges of data-intensive computing from an architecture and systems perspective, synergistically between scientific and national security motivated problems. We envision spanning the spectrum of computing activities from characterization of new materials for computing, to design, evaluation and integration of early prototypes into new architectures and testbeds. Given the scientific DNA of the Lab and of computing for national security the emphasis will be on data-oriented endeavors such as new memory and storage, optical technologies, machine learning and AI oriented architectures including neuromorphic, and energy-efficient computing, to just name a few. Our tools-of-the trade are performance, power and reliability modeling and simulation—a leading capability of this department—measurement at high resolution and accuracy of performance (time), power, and temperature from device to machine room level, and integration, deployment and operation of testbeds and systems from the embedded to the extreme scale. We are poised to grow by undertaking projects funded by multiple federal and non-federal agencies, including DOE and DoD.

These challenges are worthy of the scientific skills, capabilities, and world-class facilities of our Lab. Hence, the department leverages the efforts of the other components of Brookhaven’s Computational Science Initiative—the Computer Science and Mathematics Department, Center for Data-Driven Discovery, Computational Science Laboratory, and Scientific Data and Computing Center—and of the signature facilities and Centers at the Lab such as the National Synchrotron Light Soutrce II and the Center for Functional Nanomaterials. Scientists the department collaborate with computer scientists, applied mathematicians, computational scientists, and domain science researchers. Partnerships with industry are essential to advancing the department’s research programs, but also with universities and other national laboratories.