General Lab Information

Business Model

NSERC Is Available to Industry

The facility is owned by DOE, operated by BNL's contractor, Brookhaven Science Associates, and is open to industry via pre-arranged access agreements. No UL Certification or interconnect permits required.

NSERC Hosts Sponsored Research

DOE or other sponsored research can be conducted via proposals by Brookhaven Science Associates. Collaborative sponsored research can occur via Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) and collaborative research via joint proposals.

Standardized Agreements

Standardized Agreements will address data sharing and intellectual property issues.

Sample Projects at NSERC

NYSERDA Project – "Grid Impacts of Utility-Scale Solar PV Systems Installed at both Sub-transmission and Distribution Levels Simultaneously": This project examined the grid impacts of utility-scale (≥ 1MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) systems when they are installed on both the transmission/ sub-transmission and distribution systems simultaneously. NSERC performance data was used for this study.

DOE/EERE Project – "Asynchronous Distributed and Adaptive Parameter Tuning": To facilitate the high penetration of renewable generation into bulk power systems, an ADAPT framework is developed for hybrid PV plants. The technology developed will enable grid services from curtailable PV and energy storage systems via grid-forming inverters. The new technology will be field tested at NSERC.