General Lab Information

Equipment, Services & Specs

Solar PV Array Size & Type

  • ~1.0 MW total - Area 1 sized for testing utility-scale inverters
  • System voltage level of 1,000V
  • Connected to BNL electrical distribution system
  • Capability to test multiple panel technologies with crystalline silicon PVmodules making up the bulk of the array
  • Capability to re-configure the array into multiple, small (~65kw) arrays for different testing scenarios, as needed
  • Fixed tilt for bulk of the array with capability to install some modules on trackers for comparative tests
  • Re-configurable to simulate different operating scenarios
  • Open racks for comparison tests of other PV technologies

BOP Equipment

  • Capability for running macro and micro inverters
  • Standard inverters available for module testing
  • Capability to incorporate storage technologies

Data Acquisition Lab

  • Array data collection, QA/QC, archive

Research Instrumentation

  • Meteorological base station with precision instruments adjacent to the array
  • Solar resource instrumentation at multiple locations within the array
  • Power quality instrumentation at inverters and grid interconnection
  • String-level current and voltage
  • High Sample Rates -1 sec data (512 samples per cycle for PQ data)

Meteorological Services Lab

  • On site Met services
  • Instrument repair and calibration