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Environmental, Safety, Security, and Health Policy

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is a world leader in scientific research and performs this work in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.

Every employee, contractor, and guest is expected to take personal responsibility for adhering to the following principles:

We protect the environment, conserve resources, and implement sustainable business practices that protect our future.

We maintain a safe workplace. We plan our work and perform it safely. We take responsibility for the safety of ourselves, coworkers, and guests.

We protect people, property, information, computing systems, and facilities.

We protect human health within our boundaries and in the surrounding community.

We achieve and maintain compliance with applicable ESSH requirements.

We maintain open, proactive, and constructive relationships with our employees, neighbors, regulators, the U.S. Department of Energy, and other stakeholders.

Continual Improvement:

We continually improve ESSH performance.

In addition to my annual review of Brookhaven Lab's progress on ESSH goals and adherence to this policy, I invite all interested parties to provide me with input on our performance relative to this policy, and the policy itself..

—Doon Gibbs, Director
October 13, 2021