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Criteria 4 3 2 1
Investigation Thorough research. 4 or more questions and answers. Sufficient research with 2 or 3 questions and answers. Little research with 1 answered question. No background research or questions.
Brainstorming for Solutions 3 or more sketches on attached paper. Written design ideas, materials. 2 design sketches with written ideas. 1 sketch with a few written ideas. No design sketches or ideas.
Optimum Design Thoroughly describes vehicle design choice and lists several reasons to support their decision. Describes design choice and gives a few reasons for their decision. Describes design choice and gives 1 reason. No choice listed.
Design Changes Details of several changes and/or techniques or finishing methods described. Sketch attached. Detail of a change and/or one technique or finishing method described. Some information listed. No information listed.
Evaluation Detailed description/sketch of the final vehicle. Creative design inspiration. Description/sketch of vehicle included. Design inspiration listed. Description/sketch is minimal. No inspiration credited. No description or sketch is included.
Craftsmanship (Overall Impression) Exemplary craftsmanship. Creative/original design concept. Neat craftsmanship. Unique perspective on a traditional design. Fair craftsmanship. Embellished a traditional design. Poor craftsmanship. Design not original.

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