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Criteria 4 3 2 1
Investigation Thorough research. 4 or more questions and answers. Sufficient research with 2 or 3 questions and answers. Little research with 1 answered question. No background research or questions.
Brainstorming for Solutions 3 or more sketches on attached paper. Written design ideas, materials. 2 design sketches with written ideas. 1 sketch with a few written ideas. No design sketches or ideas.
Optimum Design Thoroughly describes vehicle design choice and lists several reasons to support their decision. Describes design choice and gives a few reasons for their decision. Describes design choice and gives 1 reason. No choice listed.
Testing and Analysis Testing was performed many times, problems were identified and logical changes were made to improve the vehicle. Performance chart or graph is included. Testing was performed a few times, at least 1 problem was identified and an improvement was made. Performance chart of graph is included. Testing was minimal. No chart or graph is included. Not testing was done.
Final Design Improvements to the initial design were made, if needed, and results were listed with detailed descriptions. Improvements were made, if needed. Results were listed. Improvements were made, if needed no reasons listed. No improvements or results were listed.
Evaluation Detailed description/sketch of the final vehicle. Description/sketch of vehicle included. Description/sketch is minimal. No description or sketch is included.

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