New Supercomputer Installed at Brookhaven Lab

EVENT: Celebration of the installation of New York Blue, a new supercomputer at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Media are invited. All visitors to the Laboratory age 16 and over must bring a photo ID.

WHEN: Friday, June 15, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

WHERE: Bldg. 515, Brookhaven National Laboratory - A map will be provided.

DETAILS: Supported by $26 million in funding from New York State, New York Blue, a 100-teraflop supercomputer that is the fastest in the world for general users, will be the centerpiece of the New York Center for Computational Sciences, a cooperative effort between Brookhaven National Laboratory and Stony Brook University that will also involve universities throughout the state. About 10,000 times faster than a personal computer, the newly installed supercomputer will allow computations critical for research in biology, medicine, materials science, nanoscience, renewable energy, finance and technology. Co-managed by Brookhaven Lab and Stony Brook University, the new supercomputer center will foster collaborations among research institutions, universities, and companies throughout New York State.

Following speeches by Brookhaven Lab and Stony Brook University officials, as well as elected officials, tours will be given of the computing facilities at Brookhaven. Opportunities will be available for taking photos of New York Blue.

If you plan to attend the celebration, contact Diane Greenberg, 631-344-2347, or, or Mona S. Rowe, 631 344-5056, or

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