Mei Bai Receives ACFA/IPAC Accelerator Prize

Mei Bai

Mei Bai

The RHIC community is pleased to find out that Mei Bai, a physicist in the BNL Collider-Accelerator Department (CAD), is a recipient of one of the first ACFA/IPAC accelerator prizes. She shares this honor with Steve Myers of CERN and Jie Wei of Tsinghua University. Mei has been at BNL since 1999, and has played a leading role in the polarized proton program at RHIC. She was Run Coordinator for four RHIC runs as a polarized proton collider, particularly the most recent one where she led the first operation of RHIC with polarized proton collisions at 500 GeV center-of-mass energy.

"Mei Bai's contributions to polarized beam acceleration are manifold — covering both low energy beams in the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS) and high energy beams in RHIC using Siberian snakes," said Thomas Roser, CAD Chairman. "For her Ph.D. Thesis Mei developed a technique that solved a long-standing problem of depolarization from strong intrinsic resonances at low energy accelerators. After several runs with 100 GeV polarized protons, Mei then led the first acceleration of polarized protons to 250 GeV, reaching a beam polarization of 45%, and the major achievement of RHIC's first polarized proton collisions at 500 GeV."

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1 February 2010
Content: Press Release
Date Issued: 28 January 2010

Announcement of the first ACFA/IPAC Accelerator Prizes

With the introduction of a 3-year cycle among the Asian, European and North American Particle Accelerator Conferences, the Asian Committee for Future Accelerators, ACFA, has decided to award prizes in conjunction with the new series of International Particle Accelerator Conferences when they take place in Asia.

The ACFA/IPAC'10 Prizes Selection Committee, under the Chairmanship of Won Namkung, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL), Korea, met on Wednesday, 20 January 2010 and decided the following prizes, which will be awarded during IPAC'10 in Kyoto from 23 to 28 May:


An Achievement Prize for outstanding work in the accelerator field with no age limit:

Steve Myers, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva

Citation:"for his numerous outstanding contributions to the design, construction, commissionimg, performance optimization, and upgrade of energy-frontier colliders - in particular ISR, LEP, and LHC - and to the wider development of accelerator science"


A Prize for an individual, having made significant, original contributions to the accelerator field with no age limit:

Jie Wei, Tsinghua University in Beijing

Citation: "for his exceptionally creative contributions to the design, construction and commissioning of circular accelerators, in particular RHIC, SNS, LHC, as well as the design of CSNS, and for numerous significant developments in the field of beam dynamics"


A Prize for an individual, in the early part of his or her career, having made a recent significant, original contribution to the accelerator field:

Mei Bai, Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Long Island, New York

Citation: "for her significant contributions to spin dynamics and polarized proton acceleration in circular accelerators - in particular AGS and RHIC, and to successful polarized proton beam collisions at 500 GeV centre of mass"

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