ProxiScan™: A Novel Camera for Imaging Prostate Cancer

Ralph James and Yonggang Cui

Ralph James (left) and Yonggang Cui

Brookhaven National Laboratory scientists Ralph James and Yonggang Cui, along with Terry Lall, CEO of Hybridyne Imaging Technologies, Inc., will receive an R&D 100 Award today for the invention of ProxiScan™, a device that can detect prostate cancer in detail at an early stage. For more information, see this news release or view the video (below) about the technology, which will also be shown at the awards dinner in Orlando, Florida.

R&D Magazine gives R&D 100 Awards annually to the top 100 technological achievements of the year. Typically, these are innovations that transform basic science into useful products.

ProxiScan™ Fact Sheet (.pdf)

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