Organizational Announcement: Instrumentation Division Realignment

The following message is being posted for the Brookhaven Lab community on behalf of the Director's Office. Note to supervisors: Please post or share this message with those of your staff who do not have access to email.

The Instrumentation Division will become a Director’s Office-level organization reporting to Deputy Director for Science & Technology Robert Tribble, effective Oct. 1. This realignment in reporting structure will enable Instrumentation to sustain and develop a broad suite of capabilities and support the Laboratory's mission more broadly. David Asner will continue to lead Instrumentation as Director, Gabriella Carini will continue in the role of Deputy Director, and Bill Wahl will join the leadership team as Division Chief Operating Officer.

The Instrumentation Division provides cutting-edge support for the Lab’s major scientific user facilities and national security applications through development of state-of-the-art detectors, electronics, and optical and laser systems. Major contributions have been made to instruments and experiments at Brookhaven and other accelerator- and reactor-based facilities worldwide.

Instrumentation supports efforts from concept through construction. It is known for its leadership in:

  • Noble liquid detector technology
  • Low-noise and cryogenic electronics
  • Application-specific integrated circuit design
  • Silicon and neutron detectors
  • Development of high quantum efficiency photocathodes
  • Design of metrology systems for measuring synchrotron beamline optics

Instrumentation's current major efforts include:

  • Producing photocathodes for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
  • Developing advanced photocathodes for electron-ion collider applications
  • Demonstrating and then developing experiments based on new quantum information system technologies
  • Developing novel concepts for photon and particle detectors 

Instrumentation receives funding through directorates and directly from the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science (ASCR, BER, BES, HEP, NP) as well as from work with:

  • Universities
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
  • Laboratory Discretionary Funds

Instrumentation's direction will largely be driven by a new business model that promotes it as a driver of growth across the Laboratory. Within the new framework, Instrumentation will support current Office of Science programs—and enable new ones—and also grow programs with other sponsors. Developing this model was a key Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan (PEMP) goal for the Laboratory this year, and it was shared with DOE earlier this summer.

Please join us in supporting the Instrumentation Division in its new alignment.   

— Doon Gibbs
Laboratory Director

— Bob Tribble
Deputy Director for Science & Technology

— Jack Anderson
Deputy Director for Operations

— Berndt Mueller
Associate Laboratory Director for Nuclear & Particle Physics

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