They're Here: 2014 Summer Interns Arrive at Brookhaven Lab

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Approximately 200 interns arrived at Brookhaven Lab on June 2 to participate in summer science research programs between now and August 7.

Brookhaven Lab welcomed approximately 200 undergraduate, graduate, and faculty participants from universities across the country as the 2014 summer science research programs kicked off on Monday, June 2. 

During an opening ceremony held in Berkner Hall, Office of Educational Programs Manager Ken White, Deputy Director for Science and Technology Robert Tribble, and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Brookhaven Site Office Manager Frank Crescenzo were among the first to welcome the incoming participants and emphasize the importance of safety—here at Brookhaven Lab and wherever their career paths lead. 

“You’re going to have extraordinary opportunities to enrich your skills and broaden your experiences this summer," White said. "We want you to do well in school and persist in the sciences, and we hope many of you go on continuing to do research using the tools here at the Laboratory."

While providing an overview of the Lab, Tribble told the participants, "This is an exciting time for you and an exciting time for the Laboratory. The Lab is committed to science and education, and we have an ulterior motive—we need science and engineering students who can help in the future."
Crescenzo then gave an overview of DOE's national lab system, and its relationship with Brookhaven Science Associates, the company that manages the Laboratory on behalf of DOE.

"I can't tell you enough about the importance of the business of science," Crescenzo added. "While you're here, spend time with scientists to find out where they get their funding and the processes they go through to get that funding."

This summer, the DOE Office of Science's Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists is sponsoring one hundred twenty-two students and 14 college professors. In addition, the New York State Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program, National Science Foundation Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, and the Virginia Pond Scholarship programs have provided support for students and professors conducting research activities at the Lab for the summer.

Between now and August 7, the participants hosted by OEP will work with mentors from across the Lab site, including those in the Biosciences, Chemistry, Collider-Accelerator, Environmental Sciences, Nonproliferation and National Security, Physics, Sustainable Energy Technologies Departments; the Center for Functional Nanomaterials and Computational Science Center; the Community, Education, Government & Public Affairs, Facilities & Operations, and Photon Sciences Directorates; and the Environmental Protection, Instrumentation, Magnet, Procurement & Property Management, Radiological Control, and Safety & Health Services Divisions.

More Students to Come

Another group of summer science program participants, including students in grades four through 12, are expected to arrive at the Lab for science programs that start in July. Throughout the summer, staff from the Portal to Discovery—a collaboration between Brookhaven Lab and the Long Island Matrix of Science and Technology—will host these elementary, middle, and high school students for various programs, including the "NanoQuest" workshop for Lab employees’ children. Approximately 40 students will participate in the six-week High School Research Program (HSRP). A number of past HSRP participants have been recognized with awards for their research at the Lab, including some who were named semifinalists in the annual Intel Science Talent Search.

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