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Agenda: 29-30 September 2003

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Monday, 29 September 2003

0830                     Executive Session, Room 2-160

                                      RHIC Operations................T. Roser [pdf]

                                      C-A Department Issues......P. Pile [pdf]

                             Open Session, Large Seminar Room


1000   (30+10)      BRAHMS Beam Use Proposal [pdf]l

1040   (30+10)      PHENIX Beam Use Proposal [pdf]

1120                      Break

1130   (30+10)      Phobos Beam Use Proposal [pdf]

1210   (30+10)      STAR Beam Use Proposal [pdf]

1250                      Working Lunch, Room 2-160


                              Open Session, Large Seminar Room

1400   (20+10)      pp2pp [pdf]

1430                      Executive Session, Room 2-160


Tuesday, 30 September 2003

0900                     Executive Session, Room 2-160

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