Omega Group

Brookhaven National Laboratory
Physics Department
P.O. Box 5000

Building 510A, Pennsylvania Street
Upton, Long Island, NY 11973-5000

Current Experiments
Omega Group members are collaborators on the following experiments.

Some Past Projects
Some Notable Results:

  • Discovery of the Omega-.
  • 1974, Members of Omega group discovered the first charmed baryon Lc and Sc.
  • 1977 First observation of Upsilon decay into 2 electrons (CERN).
  • Discovery of direct photons. (CERN)
  • Observations of first high transverse momentum jets in proton-proton collisions. (CERN)
  • Observation of the difference between pion and proton structure functions from inclusive p0 production (FNAL)
  • 1995 observation of the top quark (D0: FNAL)
  • AGS Experiment 821 - Measuring g-2 of the Muon - Measurement of the anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon to 0.7 ppm
  • AGS Experiment 865 - K+ -> pi + mu + e (

Quarknet (Educational Outreach Program)

BNL's Contact:  Ketevi Assamagan, (, Omega Group Staff Member

Physics Applications Software Group

 Contact: Alexei Klimentov, Group Leader,;

or Alexander Undrus, Deputy Group Leader,

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