General Lab Information

The Omega Group

image of omega minus bubble chamber photo

In the early 1970’s the Brookhaven National Laboratory Physics Department reorganized the experimental high energy physics groups. A vote was held for the name of one of the groups and the majority chose “Omega” in recognition of their discovery of the W-, the baryon made of three valence strange quarks, first seen in the BNL 80” bubble chamber in 1964. More...

Current Experiments

Omega Group members are collaborators on the following experiments:

Past Projects

  • Discovery of the Omega-.
  • 1974, Members of Omega group discovered the first charmed baryon Lc and Sc.
  • 1977 First observation of Upsilon decay into 2 electrons (CERN).
  • Discovery of direct photons. (CERN)
  • Observations of first high transverse momentum jets in proton-proton collisions. (CERN)
  • Observation of the difference between pion and proton structure functions from inclusive p0 production (FNAL)

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