General Lab Information


Brookhaven Lab is committed to making an accessible town hall.

  • ASL Interpreting and Captioning Services will be provided.
  • Speakers should follow the instructions on the speaker instruction page when putting together their talks.


  • Presenters will be strongly encouraged to use colorblindness-friendly color schemes. 
  • Presenters will be strongly encouraged to add alt-text to their figures.
  • Avoid using color alone to convey information in plots, or check to make sure that colors in plots are distinguishable to those with colorblindness. A few tools that can help with this:


  • Live captioning has so far been booked for all sessions. 
  • If you need an assistive listening device, please contact us. 


  • All rooms and buildings will be wheelchair-accessible and furniture will be arranged to preserve this access.
  • Meals and break stations will be arranged to make it possible to wait in line while seated.
  • Please contact us ( if you need an accessability parking space. 


Dietary requirements can be specified when ordering food. 

Private space

Participants who require access to private space for breastfeeding, pumping, medical or religious reasons please contact


Please contact if childcare is needed.

Mental Health

If you would benefit from a quiet room to rest without interaction please contact <