General Lab Information

Speaker Instructions

This town hall will be displaying closed captions. We request that all speakers design slides so that there is space for the closed captions. We will provide more details on the size of space needed once available. 

Following these guidelines will keep the town hall running smoothly and make your presentation more accessible to all participants, including those with colorblindness, low vision, who are Deaf/deaf or hard of hearing, and/or who are participating virtually. We strongly encourage you to follow these guidelines.

  • Upload early. 
    • If you are uploading anything other than PDF, please upload a partner PDF file. PDF tends to be more accessible to the community.
  • Stick to your time limit.
  • Fonts. Make sure fonts are at least size 18 and that there is good contrast between text and background. Avoid all-caps text.
  • Colors. Avoid using color alone to convey information in plots, or check to make sure that colors in plots are distinguishable to those with colorblindness. A few tools that can help with this:
  • Alt-text. For electronic versions of presentations posted to Indico, make “alt-text” descriptions for images, which make their content accessible to people who use screen-reader technology.