General Lab Information


The C2QA Affiliates Program aims to establish connections with institutions whose focus in quantum information science (QIS) will further advance our goal of progressing the Department of Energy’s mission and to enable innovative and breakthrough science for the next stage of post-NISQ quantum computing and communication.

A C2QA affiliate is an entity, institution, or organization with similar, meaningful research interests and synergies that supports the DOE’s scientific mission in high-energy, nuclear, and condensed matter physics, chemistry, and materials science. We are committed to adding affiliates to the collaboration that strengthen our connections and further build the QIS networking ecosystem. For more information on how to become an affiliate, contact us by sending an expression of interest and reasons why your organization should be considered.

Get Involved

Once you become an affiliate, we invite you to get involved with our Outreach, Education, & Workforce Development efforts to continue to encourage students to enter QIS Careers. For more information, visit our news and events page.

Current Affiliates