General Lab Information

Position Openings

Empire Innovation Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Quantum Computing

Institute: SUNY Poly
Establish and maintain an externally funded research program in quantum. Teaching courses on physics/hardware aspect of QIS. Generating reports, scientific publications, and proposals for external funding. Mentoring/supervising graduate and undergraduate researchers. Other reasonable duties as assigned.

Quantum Information Science Postdoctoral Research Associate

Job No: 3039
Date posted: 02/22/2022
Institute: Brookhaven National Laboratory

The Co-design Center for Quantum Advantage (C2QA) at BNL is seeking an exceptional Postdoctoral Research Associate to lead research on creating nanoscience-based materials and devices for next-generation quantum information systems, primarily stationed at the Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN). You will participate in fundamental materials science and device physics investigations of novel materials for applications in superconducting qubits, working with CFN scientists Charles Black and Mingzhao Liu. You will be involved in close collaborations with leading experimental groups in C2QA for material properties and device performance measurements.

Data Engineer

Job No: 3026
Date posted: 02/18/2022
Institute: Brookhaven National Laboratory

National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) is seeking an exceptional candidate to contribute to a multi-disciplinary project where they will build a Data repository working with BNL, participating universities and other partners to design, develop, and implement a data repository solution to facilitate data sharing and enhance coordination across the center. The candidate will work closely with the C2QA Center's Cross-cutting co-design team, Thrust Leaders and NIST partners to coordinate project milestones and deliverables. You will be based at BNL and part of NSLS-II's Data Science and Systems Integration (DSSI) Program, which provide supports and expertise to meet the scientific computing needs of the NSLS-II.

Physics Researchers

Job No: 516533
Date posted: 07/01/2021
Institute: Virginia Tech

We invite applications for postdoctoral associate or senior research associate positions in theoretical Quantum Information Science in the Physics Department of Virginia Tech. The focus of these positions will be on (i) the development and benchmarking of quantum simulation and optimization algorithms, with the opportunity to test these theoretical results on cloud quantum processors (Virginia Tech is in IBM's Q Hub, which provides access to 20+ qubit devices) and (ii) the design of protocols for quantum repeater networks. The successful candidates will join a vibrant research environment in the quantum information group at Virginia Tech. There will be plenty of opportunities for collaboration with other members of the group and with some of the leading experimental and theory groups around the world. Our group is part of the newly established DOE Quantum Center “Codesign for quantum advantage” (, and there will be opportunities for collaboration with the researchers of the center. The Postdoctoral and Senior Research Associate positions will also involve opportunities for travel (once scientific travel is restored and safe) to present in conferences and to collaborate with other groups. Postdoctoral and Senior Research Associates will conduct research in the above areas and disseminate results in journal publications and conference presentations. Senior Research Associates will have additional responsibilities with mentoring the junior group members and potentially assisting the PIs with grant management.