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Student Opportunities

Including Quantum Thursdays, summer schools, and Department of Energy internships

Summer Schools and Internships

The Co-design Center for Quantum Advantage, with the support of the Department of Energy and C2QA’s institutional partners, offers yearly opportunities for students to learn more about quantum information science and to participate in the research of the center.

C2QA Quantum Computing Summer School Enrollment Opens Feb 6, 2023

C2QA Quantum Computing Summer School

Brookhaven National Lab offers a six-week workshop to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to the exciting world of quantum information science. Through a series of demonstrations and hands-on programming labs, students will learn how quantum algorithms, when applied to specific problem domains, can outperform classical computers. Students will learn IBM Qiskit, a world-class software package for working with quantum computers at the level of pulses, circuits, and application modules. The workshop will run for six weeks and be conducted entirely remotely using Zoom web conferencing. Students must have previously completed courses in computer science, integral calculus, and introductory physics. Students will download and install the 100% open-source courseware and development tools on their personal computers, which they will use during the program. Students will be provided a weekly stipend and those who successfully complete the workshop will be presented a certificate from Brookhaven Lab attesting to their skills in the Foundations of Quantum Programming.

IBM Quantum, Quantum Undergraduate Research at IBM and Princeton (QURIP)

This unique 12 week program consists of six weeks of academic research at Princeton working at any quantum-related group (, followed by six weeks at IBM working in the quantum computing group at Yorktown Heights. Housing and a stipend are offered at both sites. The whole program will be complemented by a summer seminar series with talks across a large range of topics in quantum information and different quantum platforms. This is a great opportunity for students to both perform cutting edge quantum research and get industry experience in a single summer.

Administrative inquiries should be sent to Sandra Lam,

Quantum Information Science and Engineering High-School level Summer School

Virginia Tech in collaboration with C2QA offers a four-day, virtual summer school for students to explore the basic principles that underlie quantum technologies and gain an appreciation for what novel capabilities are unlocked by quantum mechanics. Educators are welcome to attend. No fee to participate.

Department of Energy Internship Programs

(Note: Quantum programs are available at Brookhaven National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Ames Lab, and Jefferson Lab)

Community College Internship

The Department of Energy's Community College Internship (CCI) program encourages 2-year college students to enter technical careers by providing training experiences at a Department of Energy national laboratory through the spring, summer, and fall programs. For more information, visit the CCI website.

Student Undergraduate Laboratory Internship

The Department of Energy's Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program encourages undergraduate (2-year and 4-year) students to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers by providing research experiences at a Department of Energy national laboratory through the spring, summer, and fall programs. For more information, visit the SULI website.

Visiting Faculty Program

The Visiting Faculty Program (VFP) increases the research competitiveness of faculty members and their students by providing research experiences at a Department of Energy national laboratory through this ten week summer program. For more information, visit the VFP website.