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A mission of Department of Energy’s Office of Science is to accelerate the transformational advances in basic science and quantum-based technology needed to assure continued U.S. leadership in Quantum Information Science (QIS) and to develop world-leading capabilities in support of the National Quantum Initiative Act. C2QA advances both science and technology by accelerating progress from discovery to prototypical technology and applied research, through coupled co-design approaches. We do this by integrating all five levels of the QIS Science & Technology Innovation Chain and utilizes co-design to enable synergistic feedbacks among the interdependent levels of the chain.

QIS hub chart

It is C2QA’s intent to make publicly available the results of center efforts through publications, conferences, sharing of open-source software, licensable technologies, etc. to the general, academic, and scientific communities. Making the results publicly available and leveraging opportunities for technology transfer (via industrial collaboration and commercialization) serve as mechanisms in which we will accelerate the advancement and deployment of QIS technologies.

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Licensable Technologies

2021-015: Fabrication of single crystalline body-centered-cubic (bcc) tantalum thin films on a-plane sapphire (α-Al2O3) substrates

2023-001: Single Step Fabrication of Incorporating Constriction Josephson Junctions in Superconducting Qubits