General Lab Information

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National Security

Deploying science for safety

Brookhaven supports U.S. national security efforts by leveraging the Lab’s expertise in nuclear science, engineering, and data analysis.


Brookhaven Lab assists the Nation’s nuclear nonproliferation efforts by developing, analyzing, and assessing national policy and conducting outreach to partner countries on safeguards and security.

Radiation detection and response

Brookhaven offers rapid technical assessments of radiological and nuclear hazards across New England and the mid-Atlantic states. Engineers at the Lab are also developing new radiation detection technologies.

Data-driven intelligence

Computational scientists at the Lab combine computer science, data science, cyber security technologies, and intelligence analysis into data-driven techniques for national security. The Lab collects and analyzes data to identify trends and threats to the U.S. and international communities.

Nuclear energy

Scientists at Brookhaven Lab contribute to the safe design and operation of nuclear reactors by providing engineering support and carrying out risk and reliability assessments. Researchers at the Lab are also leading the design of next-generation energy materials by studying how nuclear materials degrade and how extreme environments influence their function.

National Nuclear Data Center

The National Nuclear Data Center at Brookhaven Lab collects, evaluates, and disseminates nuclear physics data for basic research and applied technologies. The archive currently holds more than 100 years of nuclear physics data, including nuclear structures and cross-sections.

International Safeguards Project Office

Based at Brookhaven Lab, the International Safeguards Project Office supports the Nation’s role in the International Atomic Energy Agency for safe, secure, and peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.

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