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Sponsored Research

While the Department of Energy is the primary sponsor of research at BNL there are many ways in which industries can partner with BNL’s scientific talent to accelerate innovation in their commercial field. If you're interested in learning more about the sponsored research program contact Erick Hunt, (631) 344-2103.

Research Resources for Small Business

Small businesses are welcome and encouraged to seek out new opportunities with BNL.  They are advised to investigate all the various federal and state-supported programs for which they may qualify including New York Small Business Administration and organizations such as the Long Island High Technology Incubator.  The organizations are designed to help entrepreneurs with business plans, marketing, or with providing an affordable modern laboratory or business facility.  Other programs, like the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants, provide direct financial assistance to aid research and product development.  Research collaborations involving the laboratory can greatly strengthen many competitive SBIR and STTR grant proposals. 

Small businesses can benefit greatly by investigating all of the scientific and capital resources and developing appropriate short- and long-term plans for their usage.  At BNL, TCP is committed to being well-informed about all of these important small business initiatives and will assist in any way possible.

If you represent a small business interested in exploring potential research collaborations and technology development with BNL, please contact Erick Hunt at 631-344-3428 or

For procurement opportunities with BNL, please contact Jill Clough-Johnston at 631-344-3173 or

Regional Resources for Small Businesses