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2022 Video Recordings

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Plenary Session Recording

Workshop 1 Recordings

NSLS-II and CFN 101: Techniques, Applications, and Access in Energy Sciences

Workshop 2 Recordings

Electronic Structure of Nanomaterials: A Special Symposium in Honor of Dr. Mark Hybertsen

Workshop 7 Recordings

2D Materials and Beyond

Workshop 8 Recordings

SPM User Community Meetup: "Hands-on Open Source SPM Software Virtual "Hack a Day" Learning Session and Future Outlook on Artificial Intelligence Driven Autonomous SPM

Workshop 10 Recordings

Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD) Tutorial: Fundamentals, Basic Data Acquisition and Analysis

Workshop 12 Recording

Correlating Soft-X ray Tomography with Cryo-Electron Tomography for High Resolution Analysis of Cellular Structure

Workshop 13 Recording

Data-Driven Analysis, Characterization and Modeling in Battery Development and Manufacturing

Workshop 15 Recordings

Diagnosing Microscopic Sources of Qubit Decoherence by Multimodal Materials Analysis