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Please do not give out the remote connection information. It is only for registered attendees. Contact the meeting coordinators if you have questions or having connection issues.

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Brookhaven Lab Anti-Harassment Policy

At Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) or BNL-sponsored events, discriminatory behavior or harassment of conference participants or presenters will not be tolerated. Please refer to the BNL Anti-Harassment Policy.

In-Person Evening Event

Local registered participants are invited to attend the optional NSLS-II and CFN UEC hosted dinner. Note: In the event that the dinner needs to be cancelled due to COVID restrictions, all monies will be refunded to the participants. Banquet fee includes dinner buffet with dessert, coffee, soft drinks and open bar.

Tuesday Night Dinner
Long Island Aquarium
431 E Main St, Riverhead, NY 11901
General Fee: $50 US /pp, Students: $25 US /pp
April 25, 2023, 6-9 p.m.

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