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2015 Biological, Environmental & Climate Sciences Dept Publications


Feng, S., Li, Z., Liu, Y., Lin, W., Zhang, M., Toto, T., Vogelmann, A. M., and Endo, S. Development of fine-resolution analyses and expanded large-scale forcing properties: 2. Scale awareness and application to single-column model experiments. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 120, 667-677, doi:10.1002/2014JD022254 (2015). [BNL-107505-2015-JA]

Francis, A. J. and Nancharaiah, Y. V. In situ and ex situ bioremediation of radionuclides contaminated soils at nuclear and NORM sites. In Environmental Remediation and Restoration of Contaminated Nuclear and NORM Sites, Ch. 9, L. Van Velzen, Ed., in press, Elsevier Ltd., 2015. [BNL-107326-2015-BC]

Le, T. T., Nguyen, H. K., Jeon, J.-R., Francis, A. J., and Chang, Y.-S. Nano/bio treatment of polychlorinated biphenyls with evaluation of comparative toxicity. J. Hazardous Materials, accepted (2015). [BNL-107601-2015-JA]

Lewis, E. R. and Teixeira, J. The MAGIC of Clouds. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, accepted (2015). [BNL-107566-2015-JA]

Li, Z., Feng, S., Liu, Y., Lin, W., Zhang, M., Toto, T., Vogelmann, A. M., and Endo, S. Development of fine-resolution analyses and expanded large-scale forcing properties: 1. Methodology and evaluation. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 120, 654-666, doi:10.1002/2014JD022245 (2015). [BNL-107504-2015-JA]

Lin, W., Liu, Y., Vogelmann, A. M., Fridlind, A., Endo, S., Song, H., Feng, S., Toto, T., Li, Z., and Zhang, M. RACORO Continental Boundary Layer Cloud Investigations. Part III: Separation of Parameterization Biases in Single-Column Model CAM5 Simulations of Shallow Cumulus. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., accepted (2015). [BNL-107833-2015-JA]

Malila, J., McGraw, R., Laaksonen, A., and Lehtinen, K. E. J. Communication: Kinetics of scavenging of small, nucleating clusters: First nucleation theorem and sum rules. J. Chem. Phys. 142, 011102, doi:10.1063/1.4905213 (2015). [BNL-107379-2015-JA]

Nancharaiah, Y. V. and Francis, A. J. Hormetic effect of ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate on bacteria. Chemosphere, accepted (2015). [BNL-107565-2015-JA]

Slade, J. H., Thalman, R., Wang, J., and Knopf, D. A. Chemical aging of single and multicomponent biomass burning aerosol surrogate-particles by OH: implications for cloud condensation nucleus activity. Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss. 15, 6771–6819, doi:10.5194/acpd-15-6771-2015 (2015). [BNL-107841-2015-JA]

Tomasi, C., Kokhanovsky, A. A., Lupi, A., Ritter, C., Smirnov, A., O'Neill, N. T., Stone, R. S., Holben, B. N., Nyeki, S., Wehrli, C., Stohl, A., Mazzola, M., Lanconelli, C., Vitale, V., Stebel, K., Aaltonen, V., de Leeuw, G., Rodriguez, E., Herber, A. B., Radionov, V. F., Zielinski, T., Petelski, T., Sakerin, S. M., Kabanov, D. M., Xue, Y., Mei, L., Istomina, L., Wagener, R., McArthur, B., Sobolewski, P. S., Kivi, R., Courcoux, Y., Larouche, P., Broccardo, S., and Piketh, S. J. Aerosol remote sensing in polar regions. Earth-Science Reviews 140, 108-157, doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2014.11.001 (2015). [BNL-107202-2014-JA]

Vogelmann, A. M., Fridlind, A. M., Toto, T., Endo, S., Lin, W., Wang, J., Feng, S., Zhang, Y., Turner, D. D., Liu, Y., Li, Z., Xie, S., Ackerman, A. S., Zhang, M., and Khairoutdinov, M. RACORO Continental Boundary Layer Cloud Investigations. Part I: Case Study Development and Ensemble Large-Scale Forcings. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 120, accepted, doi:10.1002/2014JD022713 (2015). [BNL-107839-2015-JA]

Wood, R., Wyant, M., Bretherton, C. S., Rémillard, J., Kollias, P., Fletcher, J., Stemmler, J., deSzoeke, S., Yuter, S., Miller, M., Mechem, D., Tselioudis, G., Chiu, C., Mann, J., O'Connor, E., Hogan, R., Dong, X., Miller, M., Ghate, V., Jefferson, A., Min, Q., Minnis, P., Palinkonda, R., Albrecht, B., Luke, E., Hannay, C., and Lin, Y. Clouds, Aerosol, and Precipitation in the Marine Boundary Layer: An ARM Mobile Facility Deployment. Bull. Amer. Meteorol. Soc., in press, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-13-00180.1 (2015). [BNL-107832-2015-JA]

Zhang, N., Gao, Z., Liu, Y., and Li, D. Sensitivity of a Global Climate Model to the Critical Richardson Number in the Boundary Layer Parameterization. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., accepted (2015). [BNL-107834-2015-JA]

Zhou, X., Kollias, P., and Lewis, E. R. Clouds, Precipitation and Marine Boundary Layer Structure during the MAGIC Field Campaign. J. Clim., accepted (2015). [BNL-107366-2015-JA]


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Heiser, J. and Smith, S. Meteorological services annual data report for 2014. Informal Report, BNL-107413-2015-IR, Jan. 2015.