General Lab Information

Meteorological Services

Meteorological Services (Met Services) is responsible for the maintenance, calibration, data collection, and data archiving for the weather instrumentation network associated with atmospheric dispersion concerns for Brookhaven Lab.


Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure, and relative humidity are measured. Wind speed, wind direction, and temperature are measured at 85 meters, 50 meters and at 10 meters. Rainfall, relative humidity, and barometric pressure are measured at 2 meters.

The 85-meter (280-ft) meteorological tower is located in an open field west of Brookhaven building complex (at latitude 40°52.20'N and longitude 72°53.35'W) and its base is 24 m (80 ft) above sea level. The 85-meter and 50-meter sensors are mounted on this tower. A foldable-mast, 10-meter tower is located approximately at the center of the Meteorological field and contains fully redundant sensor sets are present. The 2-meter barometric pressure and temperature sensors are also at this location.

Solar Incidence Measurements

Met Services maintains a roof-mounted equipment platform housing a solar incidence measurement base station. Instruments include a Zipp and Zonen model Solys-2 suntracker with a Kipp and Zonen model CGR-4 pyrgeometer and a Kipp and Zonen model CHP-1 pyrheliometer, Kipp and Zonen model SP-lite2 pyranometers (one at the 27° angle of inclination for the panels at the LISF and one horizontal), two Kipp and Zonen CMP-22 research grade pyranometers (one shaded and one unshaded), and a sky imaging camera. Redundant rain gauges are also located on the roof of this building.

Real Time Data

Meteorological data is available in real time including current conditions allowing for graphing of barometric pressure, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, wind gust, humidity, precipitation and solar radiation for the past 365 days of data in 1 hour to five day intervals. Data from past years and stability data can be downloaded. Met Services also maintains online data for Environmental Protection and Emergency Response use and provides real time data (1-minute and 15-minute averages) for most sensors, stability data, drought index and 1-hour wind roses.


  • Meteorological and solar radiation data acquisition
  • Webserver for viewing current and previous meteorological data
  • Archive of Brookhaven National Laboratory meteorological dating to 1947
photo of meteorology tower

10-meter meteorological tower.