General Lab Information

Research Goals

The Cloud Processes Group seeks to gain improved understanding of microphysical and dynamical processes that impact the lifecycle of clouds to improve their representation in climate models and increase our ability to understand and project global change. We are also interested in applying our expertise to address energy needs, such as solar energy forecasts and quantification of storm impacts on utility outages for improvement of grid resiliency and restoration.

Our Approach

We explore cloud, precipitation, and storm processes critical to understanding climate and energy resources using a combination of observations, novel retrieval techniques, theory, and modeling.

  • Improve cloud process understanding through our Advanced TArgeted Cloud Science (ATACS) approach, where development of analyses using advanced observations are guided by theory to target unknowns in critical processes.
  • Develop novel multi-sensor analyses and retrieval techniques, particularly those using cloud and precipitation radars and the information content from Doppler spectra, polarimetry, and multiple frequencies.
  • Employ advanced computational methods, including signal processing, artificial neural networks, linear programming, and applications using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) arrays.
tareted cloud processes
cloud funnel