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2021 Environmental & Climate Sciences Dept Publications


Asher, E., Thornberry, T., Fahey, D. W., McComiskey, A., Carslaw, K., Grunau, S., Chang, K.-L., Telg, H., Chen, P., and Gao, R.-S. A novel network-based approach to determining measurement representation error for model evaluation of aerosol microphysical properties. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., accepted, e2021JD035485, doi:10.1029/2021JD035485 (2021). [BNL-222575-2022-JAAM]

Biscaro, T. S., Machado, L. A. T., Giangrande, S. E., and Jensen, M. P.  What drives daily precipitation over the central Amazon? Differences observed between wet and dry seasons.  Atmos. Chem. Phys. 21, 6735-6754, doi:10.5194/acp-21-6735-2021 (2021).  [BNL-221375-2021-JAAM]

Braun, R. A., McComiskey, A., Tselioudis, G., Tropf, D., and Sorooshian, A.  Cloud, Aerosol, and Radiative Properties over the Western North Atlantic Ocean.  J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., accepted, e2020JD034113, doi:10.1029/2020JD034113 (2021).  [BNL-221801-2021-JAAM]

Bruhwiler, L., Basu, S., Butler, J. H., Chatterjee, A., Dlugokencky, E., Kenney, M. A., McComiskey, A., Montzka, S. A., and Stanitski, D.  Observations of greenhouse gases as climate indicators.  Climatic Change 165, 12, doi:10.1007/s10584-021-03001-7 (2021).  [BNL-221265-2021-JAAM]

Burnett, A. C., Anderson, J., Davidson, K. J., Ely, K. S., Lamour, J., Li, Q., Morrison, B. D., Yang, D., Rogers, A., and Serbin, S. P.  A best-practice guide to predicting plant traits from leaf-level hyperspectral data using partial least squares regression.  Journal of Experimental Botany, accepted (2021).  [BNL-221656-2021-JAAM]

Burnett, A. C., Serbin, S. P., Lamour, J., Anderson, J., Davidson, K. J., Yang, D., and Rogers, A.  Seasonal trends in photosynthesis and leaf traits in scarlet oak.  Tree Physiology 41, 1413–1424, doi:10.1093/treephys/tpab015 (2021).  [BNL-220902-2021-JAAM]

Burnett, A. C., Serbin, S. P., and Rogers, A.  Source:sink imbalance detected with leaf and canopy-level spectroscopy in a field-grown crop.  Plant, Cell & Environment, 1-14, doi:10.1111/pce.14056 (2021).    [BNL-221213-2021-JAAM]

Burnett, A. C., Serbin, S. P., Davidson, K. J., Ely, K. S., and Rogers, A.  Detection of the Metabolic Response to Drought Stress Using Hyperspectral Reflectance.  Journal of Experimental Botany, accepted (2021).  [BNL-221599-2021-JAAM]

Cadeddu, M. P., Cimini, D., Ghate, V., Lubin, D., Vogelmann, A. M., and Silber, I.  Examination of Humidity and Ice Supersaturation Profiles Over West Antarctica Using Ground-Based G-Band Radiometer Retrievals.  IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, accepted (2021).  [BNL-221338-2021-JAAM]

Cawse-Nicholson, K., Townsend, P. A., Schimel, D., Assiri, A. M., Blake, P. L., Buongiorno, M. F., Campbell, P., Carmon, N., Casey, K. A., Correa-Pabón, R. E., Dahlin, K. M., Dashti, H., Dennison, P. E., Dierssen, H., Erickson, A., Fisher, J. B., Frouin, R., Gatebe, C. K., Gholizadeh, H., Gierach, M., Glenn, N. F., Goodman, J. A., Griffith, D. M., Guild, L., Hakkenberg, C. R., Hochberg, E. J., Holmes, T. R. H., Hu, C., Hulley, G., Huemmrich, K. F., Kudela, R. M., Kokaly, R. F., Lee, C. M., Martin, R., Miller, C. E., Moses, W. J., Muller-Karger, F. E., Ortiz, J. D., Otis, D. B., Pahlevan, N., Painter, T. H., Pavlick, R., Poulter, B., Qi, Y., Realmuto, V. J., Roberts, D., Schaepman, M. E., Schneider, F. D., Schwandner, F. M., Serbin, S. P., Shiklomanov, A. N., Stavros, E. N., Thompson, D. R., Torres-Perez, J. L., Turpie, K. R., Tzortziou, M., Ustin, S., Yu, Q., Yusup, Y., and Zhang, Q.  NASA’s Surface Biology and Geology Designated Observable: A Perspective on Surface Imaging Algorithms.  Remote Sensing of Environment 257, 112349, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2021.112349 (2021).  [BNL-221022-2021-JAAM]

Creamean, J. M., de Boer, G., Telg, H., Mei, F., Dexheimer, D., Shupe, M. D., Solomon, A., and McComiskey, A.  Assessing the vertical structure of Arctic aerosols using balloon-borne measurements.  Atmos. Chem. Phys. 21, 1737-1757, doi:10.5194/acp-21-1737-2021 (2021).  [BNL-221118-2021-JAAM]

Crystal-Ornelas, R., Varadharajan, C., Bond-Lamberty, B., Boye, K., Burrus, M., Cholia, S., Crow, M., Damerow, J., Devarakonda, R., Ely, K. S., Goldman, A., Heinz, S., Hendrix, V., Kakalia, Z., Pennington, S., Robles, E., Rogers, A., Simmonds, M., Velliquette, T., Weierbach, H., Weisenhorn, P., Welch, J. N., and Agarwal, D. A.  A guide to using GitHub for developing and versioning data standards and reporting formats.  Earth and Space Science 8, doi:10.1029/2021EA001797 (2021).  [BNL-221802-2021-JAAM]

Damerow, J. E., Varadharajan, C., Boye, K., Brodie, E. L., Burrus, M., Chadwick, K. D., Crystal-Ornelas, R., Elbashandy, H., Alves, R. J. E., Ely, K. S., Goldman, A. E., Haberman, T., Hendrix, V., Kakalia, Z., Kemner, K. M., Kersting, A. B., Merino, N., O’Brien, F., Perzan, Z., Robles, E., Sorensen, P., Stegen, J. C., Walls, R. L., Weisenhorn, P., Zavarin, M., and Agarwal, D.  Sample Identifiers and Metadata to Support Data Management and Reuse in Multidisciplinary Ecosystem Sciences.  Data Science Journal 20, doi:10.5334/dsj-2021-011 (2021).  [BNL-221088-2021-JAAM]

Desai, N., Liu, Y., Glienke, S., Shaw, R. A., Lu, C., Wang, J., and Gao, S.  Vertical variation of turbulent entrainment mixing processes in marine stratocumulus clouds using high resolution digital holography.  J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 126, e2020JD033527. doi:10.1029/2020JD033527 (2021).  [BNL-221130-2021-JAAM]

Diamond, M., Gettelman, A., Lebsock, M., McComiskey, A., Russell, L. M., Wood, R., and Feingold, G.  Opinion: Physical science checkpoints and exit ramps for marine cloud brightening research.  Proc. National Acad. Sci, accepted (2021).  [BNL-222577-2022-JAAM]

Dou, Y., Quan, J., Jia, X., Wang, Q., and Liu, Y.  Near-surface warming reduces dew frequency in China.  Geophys. Res. Lttrs 48, e2020GL091923, doi:10.1029/2020GL091923 (2021).  [BNL-221120-2021-JAAM]

Dusenge, M. E., Ward, E. J., Warren, J. M., Stinziano, J. R., Wullschleger, S. D., Hanson, P. J., and Way, D. A.  Warming induces divergent stomatal dynamics in co-occurring boreal trees.  Global Change Biology 27, 3079-3094, doi:10.1111/gcb.15620 (2021).  [BNL-221449-2021-JAAM]

Dusenge, M. E., Wittemann, M., Mujawamariya, M., Ntawuhiganayo, E. B., Zibera, E., Ntirugulirwa, B., Way, D. A., Nsabimana, D., Uddling, J., and Wallin, G.  Limited thermal acclimation of photosynthesis in tropical montane tree species.  Global Change Biology 27, 4860-4878, doi:10.1111/gcb.15790 (2021).  [BNL-221834-2021-JAAM]

Eissner, J. M., Mechem, D. B., Jensen, M. P., and Giangrande, S. E.  Factors Governing Cloud Growth and Entrainment Rates in Shallow Cumulus and Cumulus Congestus During GoAmazon2014/5.  J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 126, e2021JD034722, doi:10.1029/2021JD034722  (2021).  [BNL-221653-2021-JAAM]

Ely, K. S., Rogers, A., Agarwal, D., Ainsworth, E. A., Albert, L., Ali, A., Anderson, J., Aspinwall, M. J., Bellasio, C., Bernacchi, C., Bonnage, S., Buckley, T. N., Bunce, J., Burnett, A. C., Busch, F. A., Cavanagh, A., Cernusak, L. A., Crystal-Ornelas, R., Damerow, J., Davidson, K. J., DeKauwe, M. G., Dietze, M. C., Domingues, T. F., Dusenge, M. E., Ellsworth, D. S., Evans, J. R., Gauthier, P. P. G., Gimenez, B. O., Gordon, E. P., Gough, C. M., Halbritter, A. H., Hanson, D. T., Heskel, M., Hogan, J. A., Hupp, J. R., Jardine, K., Kattge, J., Keenan, T., Kromdijk, J., Kumarathunge, D. P., Lamour, J., Leakey, A. D. B., LeBauer, D. S., Li, Q., Lundgren, M. R., McDowell, N., Meacham-Hensold, K., Medlyn, B. E., Moore, D. J. P., Negrón-Juárez, R., Niinemets, Ü., Osborne, C. P., Pivovaroff, A. L., Poorter, H., Reed, S. C., Ryu, Y., Sanz-Saez, A., Schmiege, S. C., Serbin, S. P., Sharkey, T. D., Slot, M., Smith, N. G., Sonawane, B. V., South, P. F., Souza, D. C., Stinziano, J. R., Stuart-Haëntjens, E., Taylor, S. H., Tejera, M. D., Uddling, J., Vandvik, V., Varadharajan, C., Walker, A. P., Walker, B. J., Warren, J. M., Way, D. A., Wolfe, B. T., Wu, J., Wullschleger, S. D., Xu, C., Yan, Z., and Yang, D.  A reporting format for leaf-level gas exchange data and metadata.  Ecological Informatics 61, 101232, doi:10.1016/j.ecoinf.2021.101232 (2020).  [BNL-220755-2020-JAAM]

Euskirchen, E. S., Serbin, S. P., Carman, T. B., Fraterrigo, J. M., Genet, H., Iversen, C. M., and McGuire, A. D.  Assessing Dynamic Vegetation Model Parameter Uncertainty Across Alaskan Arctic Tundra Plant Communities.  Ecological Applications, accepted (2021).  [BNL-221997-2021-JAAM]

Fierce, L., Robey, A. J., and Hamilton, C.  Simulating near-field enhancement in transmission of airborne viruses with a quadrature-based model.  Journal of Indoor Air 31, 1843-1859, doi:10.1111/ina.12900 (2021).  [BNL-221752-2021-JAAM]

Galligani, V. S., Wang, D., Corrales, P. B., and Prigent, C.  A Parameterization of the Cloud Scattering Polarization Signal Derived From GPM Observations for Microwave Fast Radative Transfer Models.  IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, online, doi:10.1109/TGRS.2021.3049921 (2021).  [BNL-220996-2021-JAAM]

Gao, S., Lu, C., Liu, Y., Yum, S. S., Zhu, J., Zhu, L., Desai, N., and Ma, Y.  Comprehensive Quantification of Height Dependence of Entrainment-Mixing between Stratiform Cloud Top and Environment.  Atmos. Chem. Phys. 21, 11225-11241, doi:10.5194/acp-21-11225-2021 (2021).  [BNL-221732-2021-JAAM]

Ghiz, M. L., Scott, R. C., Vogelmann, A. M., Lenaerts, J. T. M., Lazzara, M., and Lubin, D.  Energetics of Surface Melt in West Antarctica.  The Cryosphere 15, 3459-3494, doi:10.5194/tc-15-3459-2021 (2021).  [BNL-221601-2021-JAAM]

Hodshire, A. L., Ramnarine, E., Akherati, A., Alvarado, M. L., Farmer, D. K., Jathar, S. H., Kreidenweis, S. M., Lonsdale, C. R., Onasch, T. B., Springston, S. R., Wang, J., Wang, Y., Kleinman, L. I., Sedlacek, A. J., and Pierce, J. R.  Dilution impacts on smoke aging: evidence in Biomass Burning Observation Project (BBOP) data.  Atmos. Chem. Phys. 21, 6839-6855, doi: 10.5194/acp-21-6839-2021 (2021).  [BNL-221553-2021-JAAM]

Jackson, R., Collis, S., Louf, V., Protat, A., Wang, D., Giangrande, S., Thompson, E. J., Dolan, B., and Powell, S. W.  The development of rainfall retrievals from radar at Darwin.  Atmos. Meas. Tech. 14, 53-69, doi:10.5194/amt-14-53-2021 (2021).  [BNL-220773-2021-JAAM]

Jagadish, S. V. K., Way, D. A., and Sharkey, T. D.  Plant heat stress: concepts directing future research.  Plant, Cell & Environment 44, 1992-2005, doi:10.1111/pce.14050 (2021).  [BNL-221148-2021-JAAM]

Jagadish, S. V. K., Way, D. A., and Sharkey, T. D.  Scaling plant responses to high temperature from cell to ecosystem.  Plant, Cell & Environment 44, 1987-1991, doi:10.1111/pce.14082 (2021).  [BNL-221830-2021-JAAM]

Jensen, M. P., Flynn, J. H., Judd, L. M., Kollias, P., Kuang, C., McFarquhar, G., Nadkarni, R., Powers, H., and Sullivan, J. A Succession of Cloud, Precipitation, Aerosol and Air Quality Field Experiments in the Coastal Urban Environment. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., accepted, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-21-0104.1 (2022). [BNL-222643-2022-JAAM]

Jensen, M. P., Ghate, V. P., Wang, D., Apoznanski, D. K., Bartholomew, M. J., Giangrande, S. E., Johnson, K. L., and Thieman, M. M.  Contrasting characteristics of open- and closed- cellular stratocumulus cloud in the Eastern North Atlantic.  Atmos. Chem. Phys. 21, 14557-14571, doi:10.5194/acp-21-14557-2021 (2021).  [BNL-222204-2021-JAAM]

Jeyaratnam, J., Luo, Z. J., Giangrande, S. E., Wang, D., and Masunaga, H.  A Satellite-Based Estimate of Convective Vertical Velocity and Convective Mass Flux: Global Survey and Comparison With Radar Wind Profiler Observations.  Geophysical Research Letters 48, e2020GL090675, doi:10.1029/2020GL090675 (2021).  [BNL-220709-2020-JAAM]

Kalogeras, P., Battaglia, A., and Kollias, P.  Supercooled Liquid Water Detection Capabilities from Ka-Band Doppler Profiling Radars: Moment-Based Algorithm Formulation and Assessment.  Remote Sensing  13, 2891, doi:10.3390/rs13152891 (2021).  [BNL-221922-2021-JAAM]

Kamoske, A. G., Dahlin, K. M., Serbin, S. P., and Stark, S. C.  Leaf traits and canopy structure together explain canopy functional diversity: an airborne remote sensing approach.  Ecological Applications 31, e02230, doi:10.1002/eap.2230 (2021).  [BNL-216302-2020-JAAM]

Kirshbaum, D. J. and Lamer, K.  Climatological Sensitivities of Shallow-Cumulus Bulk Entrainment in Continental and Oceanic Locations.  J. Atmos. Sci. 78, 2429-2443, doi:10.1175/JAS-D-20-0377.1 (2021).  [BNL-222093-2021-JAAM]

Lamer, K., Kollias, P., Battaglia, A., and Preval, S.  Mind-the-gap part I: Accurately locating warm marine boundary layer clouds and precipitation using spaceborne radars.  Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 13, 2363–2379, doi:10.5194/amt-2019-473 (2020).  [BNL-213813-2020-JAAM]

Lamer, K., Oue, M., Battaglia, A., Roy, R. J., Cooper, K. B., Dhillon, R., and Kollias, P.  Multifrequency radar observations of clouds and precipitation including the G-band.  Atmos. Meas. Tech. 14, 3615-3629, doi:10.5194/amt-14-3615-2021 (2021).  [BNL-221694-2021-JAAM]

Lamour, J., Davidson, K. J., Ely, K. S., Li, Q., Serbin, S. P., and Rogers, A.  New calculations for photosynthesis measurement systems: what’s the impact for physiologists and modelers?  New Phytologist, accepted (2021).  [BNL-222137-2021-JAAM]

Lamour, J., Davidson, K. J., Ely, K. S., Anderson, J. A., Rogers, A., Wu, J., and Serbin, S. P.  Rapid estimation of photosynthetic leaf traits of tropical plants in diverse environmental conditions using reflectance spectroscopy.  PLOS One, accepted (2021).  [BNL-222225-2021-JAAM]  

Lewis, E. R.  Optimal Iteration and its Application to Some Problems in Aerosol Science and Particle Dynamics.  Aerosol Science and Technology 55, 1304-1314, doi:10.1080/02786826.2021.1961120 (2021).  [BNL-221826-2021-JAAM

Lin, L., Fu, Q., Liu, X., Shan, Y., Giangrande, S. E., Elsaesser, G. S., Yang, K., and Wang, D.  Improved Convective Ice Microphysics Parameterization in the NCAR CAM Model.  J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 126, e2020JD034157, doi:10.1029/2020JD034157 (2021).  [BNL-221664-2021-JAAM]

Liu, X., Guo, L., Cui, X., Butnor, J. R., Boyer, E. W., Yang, D., Chen, J., and Fan, B. An Automatic Processing Framework for In Situ Determination of Ecohydrological Root Water Content by Ground-Penetrating Radar. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 60, 1-15, doi:10.1109/TGRS.2021.3065066 (2022). [BNL-222654-2022-JAAM]

Liu, J., Gunsch, M. J., Moffett, C. E., Xu, L., El Asmar, R., Zhang, Q., Watson, T. B., Allen, H. M., Crounse, J. D., St. Clair, J., Kim, M., Wennberg, P. O., Weber, R. J., Sheesley, R. J., and Pratt, K. A.  Hydroxymethanesulfonate (HMS) Formation during Summertime Fog in an Arctic Oil Field.  Environ. Sci. Technol. Lettrs 8, 511-518, doi:10.1021/acs.estlett.1c00357 (2021).  [BNL-221945-2021-JAAM]

Liu, W., Liu, Y., Zhou, X., Xie, Y., Han, Y., Yoo, S., and Sengupta, M.  Use of Physics to Improve Solar Forecast: Physics-Informed Persistence Models for Simultaneously Forecasting GHI, DNI, and DHI.  Solar Energy 215, 252-265, doi:10.1016/j.solener.2020.12.045 (2021).  [BNL-220754-2020-JAAM]

López, J., Way, D. A., and Sadok, W.  Systemic effects of rising atmospheric vapor pressure deficit on plant physiology and productivity.  Global Change Biology 27, 1704-1720, doi:10.1111/gcb.15548 (2021).  [BNL-221149-2021-JAAM

Luke, E. P., Yang, F., Kollias, P., Vogelmann, A. M., and Maahn, M.  New insights into ice multiplication using remote-sensing observations of slightly supercooled mixed-phase clouds in the Arctic.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118, e2021387118, doi:10.1073/pnas.2021387118 (2021).  [BNL-221232-2021-JAAM]

Luo, S., Lu, C., Liu, Y., Gao, W., Zhu, L., Xu, X., Li, J., and Guo, X.  Consideration of Initial Cloud Droplet Size Distribution Shapes in Quantifying Different Entrainment-Mixing Mechanisms.  J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 126, e2020JD034455, doi:10.1029/2020JD034455 (2021).  [BNL-221644-2021-JAAM]

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McMichael, L. A., Yang, F., Marke, T., Löhnert, U., Mechem, D. B., Vogelmann, A. M., Sanchez, K., Tuononen, M., and Schween, J. H.  Characterizing subsiding shells in shallow cumulus using Doppler lidar and large-eddy simulation.  Geophy. Res. Lettrs 47, e2020GL089699, doi:10.1029/2020GL089699 (2020).  [BNL-216318-2020-JAAM]

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Murphy, B. K. and Way, D. A.  Warming and elevated CO2 alter tamarack C fluxes, growth and mortality: evidence for heat stress-related C starvation in the absence of water stress.  Tree Physiology, accepted, doi:10.1093/treephys/tpab077 (2021).  [BNL-221835-2021-JAAM]

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