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2020 Environmental & Climate Sciences Dept Publications


Bellouin, N., Quaas, J., Gryspeerdt, E., Kinne, S., Stier, P., Watson-Parris, D., Boucher, O., Carslaw, K. S., Christensen, M., Daniau, A.-L., Dufresne, J.-L., Feingold, G., Fiedler, S., Forster, P., Gettelman, A., Haywood, J. M., Lohmann, U., Malavelle, F., Mauritsen, T., McCoy, D. T., Myhre, G., Mulmenstadt, J., Neubauer, D., Possner, A., Rugenstein, M., Sato, Y., Schulz, M., Schwartz, S. E., Sourdeval, O., Storelvmo, T., Toll, V., Winker, D., and Stevens, B. Bounding global aerosol radiative forcing of climate change. Reviews of Geophysics 58, online, doi:10.1029/2019RG000660 (2020).  [BNL-212193-2019-JAAM]

Burnett, M. and Burnett, A. Therapeutic Recombinant Protein Production in Plants. Plants People Planet 2, 121-132, doi:10.1002/ppp3.10073 (2019). [BNL-212062-2019-JAAM]

Chen, J., Liu, Y., and Zhang, M.  Effects of Lateral Entrainment-Mixing with Entrained Aerosols on Cloud Microphysics.  Geophy. Res. Lettrs, accepted (2020).  [BNL-216050-2020-JAAM]

Fer, I., Gardella, A. K., Shiklomanov, A. N., Serbin, S. P., De Kauwe, M. G., Raiho, A., Johnston, M. R., Desai, A., Viskari, T., Quaife, T., LeBauer, D. S., Cowdery, E. M., Kooper, R., Fisher, J. B., Poulter, B., Duveneck, M. J., Hoffman, F. M., Parton, W., Mantooth, J., Campbell, E. E., Haynes, K. D., Schaefer, K., Wilcox, K. R., and Dietze, M. C. Beyond Modeling: A Roadmap to Community Cyberinfrastructure for Ecological Data-Model Integration. Preprints, online, doi:10.20944/preprints202001.0176.v1 (2020). [BNL-213609-2020-JAAM]

Fierce, L., Onasch, T. B., Cappa, C. D., Mazzoleni, C., China, S., Bhandari, J., Davidovits, P., Fischer, D. A., Helgestad, T., Lambe, A. T., Sedlacek, A. J., Smith, G. D., and Wolff, L. Radiative absorption enhancements by black carbon controlled by particle-to-particle heterogeneity in composition. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci., early release online, doi:10.1073/pnas.1919723117 (2020). [BNL-213663-2020-JAAM]

Gao, S., Lu, C., Liu, Y., Mei, F., Wang, J., Zhu, L., and Yan, S.  Contrasting Scale Dependence of Entrainment-Mixing Mechanisms in Stratocumulus Clouds.  Geophy. Res. Lettrs, accepted (2020).  [BNL-213846-2020-JAAM]

Giangrande, S. E., Wang, D., and Mechem, D. B.  Cloud regimes over the Amazon Basin: perspectives from the GoAmazon2014/5 campaign.  Atmos. Chem. Phys. 20, 7489-7507, doi:10.5194/acp-20-7489-2020  (2020).  [BNL-216105-2020-JAAM]

Gunsch, M. J., Liu, J., Moffett, C. E., Sheesley, R. J., Wang, N. X., Zhang, Q., Watson, T. B., and Pratt, K. A. Diesel Soot and Amine-Containing Organic Sulfate Aerosols in an Arctic Oil Field. Environ. Sci. Technol. 54, 92-101, doi:10.1021/acs.est.9b04825 (2020). [BNL-213597-2020-JAAM]

Gustafson Jr., W. I., Vogelmann, A. M., Li, Z., Cheng, X., Dumas, K. K., Endo, S., Johnson, K. L., Krishna, B., Toto, T., and Xiao, H. The Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Symbiotic Simulation and Observation (LASSO) Activity for Continental Shallow Convection. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc. 101, E462-E479 [BNL-213547-2020-JAAM]

Hart, K. M., Curioni, G., Blaen, P., Harper, N. J., Miles, P., Lewin, K. F., Nagy, J., Bannister, E. J., Cai, X. M., Thomas, R. M., Krause, S., Tausz, M., and MacKenzie, A. R. Characteristics of free air carbon dioxide enrichment of a northern temperate mature forest. Global Change Biology 26, 1023-1037, doi:10.1111/gcb.14786 (2019). [BNL-212169-2019-JAAM]

Iversen, C. M., Bolton, W. R., Rogers, A., Wilson, C. J., and Wullschleger, S. D.  Building a culture of safety and trust in team science.  Eos 101, online, doi:10.1029/2020EO143064 (2020).  [BNL-213859-2020-JAAM]

Kattge, J. and Rogers, A. TRY plant trait database – enhanced coverage and open access. Global Change Biology 26, 119-188, doi:10.1111/gcb.14904 (2020). [BNL-213549-2020-JAAM]

Kollias, P., Bharadwaj, N., Clothiaux, E. E., Lamer, K., Oue, M., Hardin, J., Isom, B., Lindenmaier, I., Matthews, A., Luke, E. P., Giangrande, S. E., Johnson, K., Collis, S., Comstock, J., and Mather, J. H.  The ARM Radar Network: At the Leading-edge of Cloud and Precipitation Observations.  Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., E588-E607, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-18-0288.1 (2020)  [BNL-213519-2020-JAAM]

Kollias, P., Luke, E., Oue, M., and Lamer, K.  Agile adaptive radar sampling of fast-evolving atmospheric phenomena guided by satellite imagery and surface cameras.  Geophy. Res. Lettrs, accepted (2020).  [BNL-216070-2020-JAAM]

Laing, J. R., Jaffe, D. A., and Sedlacek III, A. J.  Comparison of Filter-Based Absorption Measurements of Biomass Burning Aerosol and Background Aerosol at the Mt. Bachelor Observatory.  Aerosol and Air Quality Research 20, 663-678, doi:10.4209/aaqr.2019.06.0298 (2020).  [BNL-212177-2019-JAAM]

Lamer, K., Kollias, P., Battaglia, A., and Preval, S.  Mind-the-gap part I: Accurately locating warm marine boundary layer clouds and precipitation using spaceborne radars.  Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, accepted, doi:10.5194/amt-2019-473 (2020).  [BNL-213813-2020-JAAM]

Lamer, K., Naud, C. M., and Booth, J. F.  Relationships between precipitation properties and large-scale conditions during subsidence at the ARM eastern north Atlantic observatory.  J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos., accepted (2020).  [BNL-213763-2020-JAAM]

Lee, D. Y., Petersen, M. R., and Lin, W.  The Southern Annular Mode and Southern Ocean Surface Westerly Winds in E3SM.  Earth and Space Science 6, 2624-2643, doi:10.1029/2019EA000663 (2019).  [BNL-213534-2020-JAAM]

Lee, D. Y., Lin, W., and Petersen, M. R.  Wintertime Arctic Oscillation and North Atlantic Oscillation and their impacts on the Northern Hemisphere climate in E3SM.  Climate Dynamics, accepted (2020).  [BNL-216087-2020-JAAM]

Lu, C., Liu, Y., Yum, S. S., Chen, J., Zhu, L., Gao, S., Yin, Y., Jia, X., and Wang, Y.  Reconciling Contrasting Relationships between Relative Dispersion and Volume-Mean Radius of Cloud Droplet Size Distributions.  J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos., accepted (2020).  [BNL-213796-2020-JAAM]

Lubin, D., Zhang, D., Silber, I., Scott, R. C., Kalogeras, P., Battaglia, A., Bromwich, D. H., Cadeddu, M., Eloranta, E., Fridlind, A., Frossard, A., Hines, K. M., Kneifel, S., Leaitch, W. R., Lin, W., Nicolas, J., Powers, H., Quinn, P. K., Rowe, P., Russell, L. M., Sharma, S., Verlinde, J., and Vogelmann, A. M. AWARE: The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) West Antarctic Radiation Experiment. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., accepted (2020). [BNL-213601-2020-JAAM]

Meacham-Hensold, K., Fu, P., Wu, J., Serbin, S., Montes, C. M., Ainsworth, E., Guan, K., Dracup, E., Pederson, T., Driever, S., and Bernacchi, C. Plot level rapid screening for photosynthetic parameters using proximal hyperspectral imaging. J. Experimental Botany, eraa068, doi:10.1093/jxb/eraa068 (2020). [BNL-213589-2020-JAAM]

Noyes, K. T. J., Kahn, R. A., Sedlacek III, A. J., Kleinman, L. I., Limbacher, J. A., and Li, Z.  Wildfire Smoke Particle Properties and Evolution, from Space-Based Multi-Angle Imaging.  Remote Sensing 12, 769, doi:10.3390/rs12050769 (2020).   [BNL-213671-2020-JAAM]

Oue, M., Tatarevic, A., Kollias, P., Wang, D., Yu, K., and Vogelmann, A. M.  The Cloud Resolving Model Radar Simulator (CR-SIM) Version 3.3:  Description and Applications of a Virtual Observatory.  Geosci. Model Dev. 13, 1975-1998, doi:10.5194/gmd-13-1975-2020 (2020).  [BNL-213732-2020-JAAM]

Prein, A. F., Rasmussen, R. M., Wang, D., and Giangrande, S. E.  Sensitivity of Organized Convective Storms to Model Grid Spacing in Current and Future Climates.  Philosophical Transactions A, accepted (2020).  [BNL-215947-2020-JAAM]

Quan, J., Dou, Y., Zhao, X., Liu, Q., Sun, Z., Pan, Y., Jia, X., Cheng, Z., Ma, P., Su, J., Xin, J., and Liu, Y. Regional atmospheric pollutant transport mechanisms over the North China Plain driven by topography and planetary boundary layer processes. Atmos. Environ. 221, 117098, doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2019.117098 (2020). [BNL-213533-2020-JAAM]

Rodrigues, T. B., Baker, C. R., Walker, A. P., McDowell, N., Rogers, A., Higuchi, N., Chambers, J. Q., and Jardine, K. J.  Stimulation of isoprene emissions and electron transport rates are a key mechanism of thermal tolerance in the tropical species Vismia guianensisGlobal Change Biology, accepted (2020).  [BNL-215992-2020-JAAM]

Ren, T., Yang, P., Schumacher, C., Huang, X., and Lin, W.  Impact of cloud longwave scattering on radiative fluxes associated with the Madden- Julian Oscillation in the Indian Ocean and Maritime Continent.  J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., accepted (2020).  [BNL-216103-2020-JAAM]

Sokolowsky, G. A., Clothiaux, E. E., Baggett, C. F., Lee, S., Feldstein, S. B., Eloranta, E. W., Cadeddu, M. P., Bharadwaj, N., and Johnson, K. L.  Contributions to the Surface Downwelling Longwave Irradiance during Arctic Winter at Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska.  Journal of Climate 33, 4555-4577 (2020).  [BNL-215898-2020-JAAM]

Takeishi, A., Storelvmo, T., and Fierce, L.  Disentangling the Microphysical Effects of Fire Particles on Convective Clouds Through A Case Study.  J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 125, e2019JD031890 (2020).  [BNL-216118-2020-JAAM]

Tang, S., Xie, S., Zhang, M., and Endo, S.  Improvement of Atmospheric Objective Analysis over Sloping Terrain and Its Impact on Shallow-Cumulus Clouds in Large-Eddy Simulations.  J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. accepted, e2020JD032492 (2020).  [BNL-216097-2020-JAAM]

Wang, D., Giangrande, S. E., Feng, Z., Hardin, J. C., and Prein, A. F.  Updraft and Downdraft Core Size and Intensity as Revealed by Radar Wind Profilers: MCS Observations and Idealized Model Comparisons.  J. Geophys. Res.-Atmospheres, accepted (2020).  [BNL-215939-2020-JAAM]

Wang, J., Yang, D., Detto, M., Nelson, B. W., Chen, M., Guan, K., Wu, S., Yan, Z., and Wu, J.  Multi-scale integration of satellite remote sensing improves characterization of dry-season green-up in an Amazon tropical evergreen forest.  Remote Sensing of Environment, accepted (2020).  [BNL-215923-2020-JAAM]

Wang, M., Peng, Y., Liu, Y., Liu, Y., Xie, X., and Guo, Z.  Understanding cloud droplet spectral dispersion effect using empirical and semi-analytical parameterizations in NCAR CAM5.3.  Earth and Space Science, accepted (2020).  [BNL-215986-2020-JAAM]

Wang, Y.-C., Xie, S., Tang, S., and Lin, W.  Evaluation of an Improved Convective Triggering Function: Observational Evidence and SCM Tests.  J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., accepted, doi:10.1029/2019JD031651 (2020).  [BNL-216092-2020-JAAM]

Yang, F., Cantrell, W. H., Kostinski, A. B., Shaw, R. A., and Vogelmann, A. M. Is contact nucleation caused by pressure perturbation? Atmosphere, online, doi:10.3390/atmos11010001 (2020). [BNL-212423-2019-JAAM]

Zhang, C., Xie, S., Tao, C., Tang, S., Emmenegger, T., Neelin, J. D., Schiro, K. A., Lin, W., and Shaheen, Z.  The ARM Data-oriented Metrics and Diagnostics Package for Climate Models.  Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., accepted (2020).  [BNL-216090-2020-JAAM]

Zhang, M., Xie, S., Liu, X., Lin, W., Zhang, K., Ma, H.-Y., Zheng, X., and Zhang, Y.  Toward Understanding the Simulated Phase Partitioning of Arctic Single- Layer Mixed-Phase Clouds in E3SM.  Earth and Space Science, accepted (2020).  [BNL-216091-2020-JAAM]

Zhao, X., Liu, Y., Yu, F., Heidinger, A. K., and Saha, K. Climatology Perspective of Sensitive Regimes and Active Regions of Aerosol Indirect Effect for Cirrus Clouds over the Global Oceans. Remote Sensing 12, 823, doi:10.3390/rs12050823 (2020). [BNL-213691-2020-JAAM]

Zheng, X., Klein, S. A., Ghate, V. P., Santos, S., McGibbon, J., Caldwell, P., Bogenschutz, P., Lin, W., and Cadeddu, M. P.  Assessment of Precipitating Marine Stratocumulus Clouds in the E3SMv1 Atmosphere Model: A Case Study from the ARM MAGIC Field Campaign.  Monthly Weather Review, accepted (2020).  [BNL-216093-2020-JAAM]


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Book Chapters

Serbin, S. P. and Townsend, P. A.  Scaling Functional Traits From Leaves to Canopies. In Remote Sensing of Plant Biodiversity, J. Cavender-Bares, J. Gamon, and P. Townsend, Eds., Ch 3, pp. 43-82, Springer, 2020.  [BNL-211730-2019-BOOK]



Heiser, J. and Smith, S. Meteorological services annual data report for 2019. Informal Report, BNL-213595-2020-INRE, Jan. 2020.