Large Format Printing



  • The Graphic Design group can produce full color posters up to 42" (106.68 cm) wide by up to 96"(243 cm) long.
  • The designers can reproduce your file or create a poster from scratch (creating a poster will take considerably longer).
  • Posters can also be laminated for durability but the width limitation for posters being laminated is 35" (88 cm) wide.
  • Posters can also be laminated to foam board. (There will be a charge for this service)

Recommended file formats

  • Adobe Acrobat (preferred)
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Notes on fonts and graphics
    • If you are creating your own posters, please use standard fonts
    • Please use the highest resolution graphics possible

The process

  • Please allow as much time as possible for poster production, at least 2 days is preferable, more if possible.
  • We can not guarantee delivery in less than two business days.
  • Submit an order. (only available from within the BNL firewall)
  • You will be contacted by the designer assigned to the project who will work with you to prepare and deliver your file to our servers.
  • The designer will produce a "proof" for you to review at the Graphic Design Studio in building 400C.
  • Once the proof is approved, the designer will contact you when your poster is ready to be picked up in building 400C.

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Last Modified: March 22, 2016