What's new in Creative Resources

  • The Graphic Design Studio has been relocated to the second floor in the north wing of the Research Support Building 400. The telephone number remains the same, X7288. If you have any questions, please call supervisor, Rick Backofen, X6183.
  • The Copy Service group has recently added a new CD/DVD duplicator. The new duplicator can reproduce non copy protected DVDs at a rate of up to 50 disks per hour and CDs at a rate of 98 per hour. Copy Service also has an  automated CD/DVD inkjet based printer. For more information, contact Copy Service supervisor Rick Backofen, x6183.
  • The new Creative Resources web site is now online and we hope you fine it useful - The site contains links to each of the division's groups as well as descriptions of the services that each provides. There are also links to place orders online for most services. If you have any questions, contact Creative Resources Webmaster, Rick Backofen or call x6183.
  • The Graphic Design group has recently added two Epson 9900 large format printers. The printers will significantly improve the groups capacity capacity to produce large format posters. . For more information, contact the Graphic Design supervisor, Rick Backofen, x6183
  • The Creative Resources Office has recently completed 6,500 days without a lost work time. Excellence in safety is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We are proud of our record and thank our employees for their commitment to this responsibility.
  • New Copy Service Hours - In an effort to control operating expenses, Copy Service has reduced its operating hours from 0830-2400 to 0800-1700. To help us provide the best support for your organization's copying needs, please contact Copy Service (x2950) as far in advance as possible for projects with firm delivery dates or large projects so that production schedules can be arranges to accommodate your needs. Every effort will be made to complete all work during normal working hours without additional charges, but there may be occasions where it may be necessary to charge for overtime driven by delivery requirements.
  • Copy Service announces the addition of a large format black and white document scanner/printer to it's toolbox - The system enables production of documents up to 36" wide and 100" long. Large documents, such as engineering drawings, can now be reproduced here, from either prints or files. Prints can also be scanned and the files saved electronically in a variety of files formats, including PDF, for maximum portability. For more information, please call the Copy Service Supervisor, Rick Backofen at x6183, the Copy Service staff at x2950, or email copy@bnl.gov.

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Last Modified: March 22, 2016