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BNL Prime Contract No. DE-SC0012704

Part I, Section H. Special Contract Requirements


Last Revised: 07/25/2017  |  Per Mod #0084

(a) The Contractor shall acquire, manage, maintain, disposition, and dispose of real property assets to ensure that real property assets are available, utilized, and in a suitable condition to accomplish DOE’s missions in a safe, secure, sustainable, and cost‐effective manner. Contractors shall meet these functional requirements through tailoring of their business processes and management practices, and use of standard industry practices and standards as applicable. The contractor shall flow down these requirements to subcontracts at any tier to the extent necessary to ensure the contractor’s compliance with the requirements.

(b) Contractor shall:

(1) Submit all real estate actions to acquire, utilize, and dispose of real property assets to DOE for review and approval and maintain real estate records in accordance with Section I Clause “DEAR 970.5204-3 – Access To and Ownership of Records”.

(2) Perform physical condition and functional utilization assessments on each real property asset at least once every five fiscal years or at another risk-based interval as approved by SC-1 based on industry leading practices, voluntary consensus standards, and customary commercial practices.

(3) Establish a maintenance management program including: a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS); a condition assessment system; a master equipment list; maintenance service levels; a method to determine for each asset the minimum acceptable level of condition; methods for categorizing deficiencies as either deferred maintenance and repair (DM) or repair needs; management of the DM backlog; a method to prioritize maintenance work; and a mechanism to track direct and indirect funded expenditures for maintenance, repair, and renovation at the asset level.

(4) Maintain Facilities Information Management System (FIMS) data and records for all lands, buildings, trailers, and other structures and facilities. FIMS data must be current and verified annually.