General Lab Information

Part I, Section H - Special Contract Requirements

Clause Title Effective
H.1 Facilities Award
H.2 Long-Range Planning, Program Development and Budgetary Administration Award
H.3 Contractor Assurance System Award
H.4 Defense and Indemnification of Employees Award
H.5 Advance Understandings Regarding Additional Items of Allowable and Unallowable Costs and Other Matters 10/29/2021
H.6 Administration of Subcontracts Award
H.7 Care of Laboratory Animals Award
H.8 Privacy Act Records Award
H.9 Additional Definitions Award
H.10 Service Contract Act of 1965 (41 USC 351) Award
H.11 Walsh-Healey Public Contract Act Award
H.12 Protection of Human Subjects Award
H.13 Source and Special Nuclear Material Award
H.14 Standards of Contractor Performance Evaluation Award
H.15 Cap on Liability Award
H.16 Notice Regarding the Purchase of American-made Equipment and Products - Sense of Congress Award
H.17 Application of DOE Contractor Requirements Documents Award
H.18 External Regulation Award
H.19 Separate Entity and Corporate Guarantee Award
H.20 Responsible Corporate Official 01/27/2021
H.21 Employee Compensation: Pay and Benefits 06/15/2023
H.22 Post Contract Responsibilities for Pension and Other Benefit Plans Award
H.23 Contractor Acceptance of Notices of Violations or Alleged Violations, Fines and Penalties Award
H.24 Allocation of Responsibilities for Contractor Environmental Compliance Activities Award
H.25 Workers' Compensation Insurance Award
H.26 Labor Relations 02/20/2015
H.27 Agreements For Commercializing Technology 06/28/2019
H.28 Additional Labor Requirements Award
H.29 DOE Mentor-Protégé Program Award
H.30 Lobbying Restriction 03/30/2021
H.31 Intellectual and Scientific Freedom Award
H.32 Conference Management (Mar 2023) 06/15/2023
H.33 Information Technology Acquisitions 03/09/2018
H.34 Work Programs Award
H.35 Special Financial Institution Account Agreement Award
H.36 Contractor Resources, Commitments and Agreements Award
H.37 Real Property Asset Management (Modified Jul 2017) 07/25/2017
H.38 Definition of Unusually Hazardous or Nuclear Risk for FAR Clause 52.250-1 Indemnification Under Public Law 85-804 04/10/2020
H.39 Workforce Transition Award
H.40 Modification Authority Award
H.41 No Third-Party Beneficiaries Award
H.42 Risk Management and Insurance Programs 02/20/2015
H.43 Management and Operating Contractor Subcontract Reporting (Nov 2017) 11/30/2017
H.44 Prohibition on Funding for Certain Nondisclosure Agreements (Mar 2016) 04/18/2016
H.45 Paid Leave Under Section 3610 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES ACT) to Maintain Employees and Subcontractors in a Ready State 03/30/2021
H.46 RESERVED 06/15/2023
H.47 EPAct Data Protection (Apr 2022) 11/28/2022
H.48 Contractor's Obligations Concerning U.S. Manufacturing Requirements of a Determination of Exceptional Circumstances (DEC) (APR 2022) 11/28/2022