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BNL Prime Contract No. DE-SC0012704

Part I, Section H. Special Contract Requirements

Clause H.5 – Advance Understandings Regarding Additional Items of Allowable and Unallowable Costs and Other Matters

Last Revised: 10/29/2021  |  Per Mod #0197

Allowable costs under this contract shall be determined according to the requirements of Section I Clause entitled “DEAR 970.5232-2 – Payments and Advances”. For purposes of effective contract implementation, certain items of cost are being specifically identified below as allowable and/or unallowable under this contract to the extent indicated:


(1) Cost for the defense and indemnification of employees in accordance with the provisions of Section H Clause entitled “Defense and Indemnification of Employees”.

(2) Rentals and leases of land, buildings, and equipment owned by third parties, allowances in lieu of rental, charges associated therewith and costs of alteration, remodeling and restorations where such items are used in the performance of the contract, except that such rentals and leases directly chargeable to the contract shall be subject to such approval by the Contracting Officer.

(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of FAR 31.205-44 (e), stipends and payments made to reimburse travel or other expenses of researchers and students who are not employed under this contract but are participating in research, educational or training activities under this contract to the extent such costs are incurred in connection with fellowship, international agreements, or other research, educational or training programs approved by the Contracting Officer.

(4) Notwithstanding the provisions of FAR 31.205-44 (e), payments to educational institutions for tuition and fees, or institutional allowances, in connection with fellowship or other research, educational or training programs for researchers and students who are not employed under this contract.

(5) Costs incurred or expenditures made by the Contractor, as directed, approved or ratified by the Contracting Officer and not otherwise unallowable under any other provisions of this contract.

(6) Subject to any other limitations on allowability contained in this contract, costs incurred and expenditures made by the Contractor’s Board of Directors (or equivalent corporate oversight entity), its members, committees, panels and support personnel in connection with performance of work under this contract. The Contractor shall provide to the Contracting Officer, for an allowability determination, an annual accounting of these costs incurred and expenditures made.


(1) Premium Pay for wearing radiation-measuring devices for Laboratory and all-tier cost-type subcontract employees.

(2) Salaries or other salary-like compensation of the Contractor’s Board members, or that of members of subcommittees of the Board who are employees of the Contractor, or the equivalent corporate oversight entity/entities.

(3) Home office expenses, whether direct or indirect, relating to activities of the Contractor, except as otherwise specifically agreed to elsewhere in this contract or subsequently in writing by the Contracting Officer.