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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

It is now widely recognized that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is a core component for scientific computing and has the potential to transform how experiments are conducted, how simulations are run and how data are analyzed. Brookhaven National Laboratory's diverse scientific disciplines can potentially all benefit from the application of AI and ML while at the same time share many challenges.

As a multidisciplinary DOE lab, Brookhaven Lab operates several large experimental facilities which support a multitude of research areas, all of which can potentially benefit from the application of AI/ML, but at the same time may share many common challenges. As the AI/ML landscape is evolving rapidly, we want to leverage all recent techniques and development while bringing together the unique and diverse pool of knowledge present at Brookhaven Lab. To this end, we are forming the Brookhaven Lab AI/ML Working Group, and invite everyone who is interested to join.

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Working Group Goals

The Brookhaven Lab AI/ML Working Group aims to be an active resource for uniting and sharing Lab-wide expertise to improve and extend how artificial intelligence and machine learning applications are applied in research, as t well as to build consensus and determine best practices for engaging AI/ML capabilities throughout the laboratory campus.

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