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Center for Computing Sciences Education and Support (CCSES)

Scientific discovery has long been enabled and enhanced by computing, which today increasingly depends on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). To remain at the forefront of science, Brookhaven Lab domain scientists also must be fully engaged in these developments and provided with useful tools, training, and support to employ these technologies. CCSES will enable this by providing workshops, hands-on tutorials, theoretical lectures, and coding assistance along with outreach to underrepresented groups through mentoring and internships to equip researchers with the latest scientific computing capabilities.

Rapid Artificial Intelligence Development and Test Environment (RAIDE)

A nexus of scientific research, data, compute, and software tool development to support different AI projects with novel tools that enable users to discover new insights via the combination of massive datasets and AI that would otherwise not be possible. Collaboration: Johns Hopkins University (SciServer)