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Center for Computational Materials Sciences Winter School 2019
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Center for Computational Materials Sciences Winter School 2019

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Please note, this winter school is not open to the public.

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To disseminate the software produced by Comscope to the community at large.

Session Information

  • Density Functional Theory and Dynamical Mean Field Theory: Introduction and Hands-on Training
  • FlapwMBPT: Introduction and Hands-on Training
  • GW+DMFT: Introduction and Hands-on Training
  • Gutzwiller+LDA: Introduction and Hands-on Training


  • Sangkook Choi (BNL)
  • Kristjan Haule (Rutgers U.)
  • Andrey Kutepov (BNL)
  • Yongxin Yao (Ames Lab)

Winter School Co-sponsors

Local Organizers

  • Robert Konik (BNL)
  • Gabriel Kotliar (BNL/Rutgers U.)


When booking your reservation, you may need to guarantee your room with a credit card. Check with your hotel about their cancellation policy and if they offer shuttle service. More...

Note: This event falls under Exemption D (Formal classroom training held at Federal facilities, which does not exhibit indicia of a formal conference as outlined in the Conference/Event Exemption Request Form.) Participation is contingent on application acceptance.

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