Nuclear & Particle Physics Directorate

Nuclear and Particle Physics (NPP) at BNL comprises the Collider-Accelerator Department (including the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory, NSRL), the Physics Department, the Instrumentation Division, and the Superconducting Magnet Division.  Links to department/division web pages may be found to the left.


News and Announcements:

     The next NPP Program Advisory Committee meeting will be held at BNL 17-19 June 2015.




NPP Directorate Meetings:

     Berndt Mueller's slides for the "All Hands Meeting," 11/18/14


     Berndt Mueller's slides for the NPP "Town Hall Meeting," 10/16/14


     Berndt Mueller's slides for the NPP "Town Hall Meeting," 5/13/14





NPP Program Advisory Committee





Reference Material Regarding RHIC's Future:



      The "Hot" Science of RHIC: Status and Future (Berndt Mueller to the BSA Board, 3/29/13)

      The RHIC Spin Program: Achievements and Future Opportunities (1/2015)

      Community White Paper: The RHIC Spin Program, Achievements and Future Opportunities (10/2012)

       White Paper: The Case for Continuing RHIC Operations (9/2/12)

      Community White Paper: Hot and Dense QCD Matter

      Steve Vigdor's Presentation at Get to Know the Lab Forum, 11/15/12





BNL Presentations to the "Tribble Panel" and NSAC:



      BNL Presentations to NSAC, 2/15-16/2013

      BNL Presentations to the "Tribble Panel", 9/7/2012



Reference Material Regarding the Electron-Ion Collider

       Electron Ion-Collider: The Next QCD Frontier (12/2014)

       eRHIC Design Study (12/2014)

       Link to the BNL Electron-Ion Collider Working Group

       Generic Detector R&D for an Electron-Ion Collider




Other Useful Links:


     Past Reviews and Other Meetings

     The P5 Report on plans for high energy physics (5/2014)

     The P5 Report on plans for high energy physics (5/29/08)







Older Reference Documents:

Decadal Planning for RHIC Experiments:

BRAHMS  |  PHENIX  |  Phobos  |  STAR Detector Advisory Committee Report

Other RHIC Documents and Links:


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