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Jason Trelewicz

Stony Brook University assistant professor Jason Trelewicz in an electron microscopy laboratory at CFN, where he characterizes nanoscale structures in metals mixed with other elements.

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Awards and Honors

Service Awards

  • 5-Year Service Award: Dmitri Zakharov, Scientist, Electron Microscopy

Spotlight Awards

  • James Buddenhagen, Operations and Engineering Support, Operations—volunteered to be the CFN representative on the BNL Lab Electrical Safety Committee
  • Fernando Camino, Staff Scientist, Electron Microscopy—served as lead organizer for CFN Summer Sunday
  • Pamela Ciufo, Administrative Assistant, Administration—developed a process for posting the CFN Highlights on the CFN webpage and CFN lobby electronic display, and for uploading them to the NSRC web portal
  • Lorraine Davis, Operations Manager, Operations—guided the operations side of one of the CFN surface science instruments being completely reconfigured in order to ensure safer and improved operations
  • Lizette Domenech, Administrative Assistant, Administration—streamlined the process of onboarding visiting students with a BNL-sponsored J1 visa
  • Kim Kisslinger, Technical Associate, Electron Microscopy—worked diligently to bring the new FEI Talos transmission electron microscope into the CFN user program
  • Albert Langhorn, Operations Technical Associate, Operations—moved the AP-PES endstation at NSLS-II to a new location quickly and unexpectedly during a shut-down period
  • Rita Nicholaides, Senior Budget Specialist, BNL Business Services Directorate—took initiative in proposing and executing an initiative to improve the process by which CFN tracks its spending
  • Qin Wu, Staff Scientist, Theory and Computation—took responsibility for the transition of the CFN computing facility from a stand-alone system supported by ITD to being a part of a shared facility under the Computational Science Initiative with new operating procedures
  • Donna Storan, Administrative Specialist, Administration—took initiative to develop and implement a spreadsheet for travel projections, recording actual travel costs, and calculating each group’s remaining travel budget
  • Joann Tesoriero, Administrative Assistant, Administration—coordinated the Science Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Alexei Tkachenko, Staff Scientist, Theory and Computation—demonstrated initiative in improving the culture of CFN by proposing a change to the structure of the weekly coffee break, leading a working group to formulate a plan, and then heading its implementation
  • Grace Webster, User Program Administration and Outreach Coordinator, Administration—took initiative to develop a new process for monitoring the number of users coming to the CFN each month
  • Gwen Wright, Technical Associate, Electronic Nanomaterials—took on the responsibility of liquid nitrogen operations for CFN

Comings and Goings

New Hires

  • Sencer Selcuk, Postdoc, Theory and Computation

New Alumni

  • Paulo Castillo, Postdoc, Electron Microscopy
  • Chunli Ma, Postdoc, Soft and Bio Nanomaterials
  • Niladri Patra, Postdoc, Theory and Computation
  • Ramya Raghunathan, Postdoc, Electronic Nanomaterials
  • Ye Tian, Postdoc, Soft and Bio Nanomaterials

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