Safety Update

improvements to CFN safety

Wai-Lin Ng

Wai-Lin Ng

Revised User Training

We are proud to announce that a newly revised user safety training course was launched in mid-August to replace an online course that needed updating. The CFN User Safety Training (NC-ESH-USERS) contains major revisions resulting from a complete review of the content to ensure that it was current and complete. The course’s new format with narration and associated text in the sidebar makes the content easier to understand and the interface more user-friendly. It also expands resources for further information and references, and new lessons learned were added to emphasize key safety messages.

All new CFN users are required to take this online course, which is designed to provide CFN users with specific facility information that they must know in order to work safely at Brookhaven Lab. All users who are new to Brookhaven should complete the training during their initial onboarding. We welcome your feedback as we continue to make improvements to our training program.

Unattended Items

In an effort to maintain building security and your safety at the CFN, please keep your bags, briefcases, or backpacks with you at all times or secure them in your office or assigned storage locker. Label all bags with your name and contact information. Unattended briefcases or bags may simply be forgotten. Please inform the User Office or CFN staff if you see bags, boxes, or other packages left unattended in the lobby, hallways, or unusual locations.

As a reminder, while you are at Brookhaven, be attuned to your surroundings and maintain security awareness. Immediately report any suspicious activities, people, vehicles, or packages to the Safeguards & Security Division by dialing the emergency number ext. 2222 (or 631-344-2222 from your cell phone).

— Wai-Lin Ng
ES&H Coordinator

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