General Lab Information

The Amalie Emmy Noether Fellowship in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing at Brookhaven National Laboratory provides an opportunity for recent post-doctorate researchers to enhance their capabilities in a unique setting within the Computational Science Initiative (CSI)’s Applied Mathematics Group. Launched in 2015, CSI excels at integrating computer science, applied mathematics, quantum, and computational and data science with broad domain science expertise to tackle problems and advance knowledge aimed at impacting scientific discovery. While supporting the missions critical to the U.S. Department of Energy, Noether Fellows are encouraged to explore new avenues of mathematical and computing research in a broad set of fields, among them:

  • Reduced order modeling
  • Uncertainty quantification and scalable computational statistics for Bayesian inference
  • Optimization and control for decision making under uncertainty
  • Scientific machine learning
  • High-dimensional inverse problems
  • Multiscale modeling
  • Integrated computational modeling frameworks
  • Data science for streaming or in situ (within simulation) analytics in high-performance computing
  • Numerical methods

The Noether Fellowship affords an opportunity to conduct and present interdisciplinary collaborative research with other mathematicians and domain scientists at Brookhaven Lab and its many academic and industry partners. As part of their appointment, Noether Fellows also will define and pursue their own independent, high-quality research program. The fellowship is awarded for two years and includes a competitive salary, benefits, frequent networking/outreach opportunities, and access to world-class computing resources.

photo of Noether