General Lab Information

Steps to Complete Before Arrival: Contractors

All contractors must address the following items prior to arrival and while at Brookhaven Lab.

1Contact Your BNL Host

Contact your BNL host and verify that your services are required and that there is an established contract between your company and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

2Register in the Guest Information System (GIS)

Brookhaven supports a web-based guest registration system. After verification has been performed regarding the need for your services, you will need to provide the information requested and submit it to Brookhaven at least 10 days in advance of a visit. Contractors are asked to pay close attention to the e-mail instructions provided after registration is completed. Registration details.

3Review Commitments and Expectations Statement

All contractors are required to sign, upon check in, a two-page document outlining BNL's commitments to guests as well as BNL's expectations of guests. It's recommend that you review the BNL Commitments and Expectations Statement (PDF) prior to arrival so that you are familiar with it.

4Complete Training

All contractors are required to complete the classroom course entitled Contractor/Vendor Orientation (CVO) Training commensurate with the work that is to be performed, potential hazards that may be encountered, and the locations to be accessed. CVO training is provided Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please register for the next session on the Training website.

If you have a valid guest appointment with BNL and your prior training has not expired*, you qualify to take the on-line Refresher course found under BNL's Training and Development website.

*You can check the status of your guest appointment by visiting Guest Central.

5Check-in at Guest, User, Visitor (GUV) Center

After Contractor/Vendor Orientation (CVO) Training has been taken, please report to the GUV Center located in Building 400 across from the Starbucks kiosk for check-in.