General Lab Information

Hotel Reservations

Persons traveling to Vienna on USSP-sponsored business should make their hotel reservations either directly or through their laboratory travel department in accordance with their employer’s applicable policies. Under extraordinary circumstances, if assistance from the ISPO Liaison Officer located in Vienna is needed, the laboratories/laboratory should work with all travelers on the trip/delegation to create a consolidated hotel reservation request list, including: travelers’ names; arrival and departure dates, and hotel preferences (at most 3) by order of priority. This consolidated list must be approved by your DOE program manager before it is forwarded to ISPO Vienna. Please do not request Vienna-based assistance if a reservation has already been made independently or through your laboratory travel representative. Do not send requests directly to the U.S. Mission to International Organizations in Vienna (UNVIE) in Vienna; only send approved consolidated requests through the ISPO Liaison Officer. If a double booking occurs and is not cancelled by the traveler, the additional cost will be borne by the traveler or their home organization, in accordance with their employer's policies.

See also: Country Clearance Instructions