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Hotel Reservations

The International Safeguards Project Office can assist persons traveling to Vienna with hotel reservations at the Embassy rate which will be within the U.S. government allowance for lodging. To obtain a hotel reservation for an official visit, please email ISPO Vienna directly. Once the reservation is made, the traveler is fully responsible for payment of hotel bills.The traveler should contact the ISPO Vienna Office, not the hotel, regarding cancellations or changes. Unless you receive an e-mail from the ISPO Vienna Office confirming the cancellation, you may be liable for no-show charges.

Note: Most Vienna hotels that offer an Embassy rate require the Embassy to contact them to arrange reservations, date changes, or extensions to the requested stay.

Laboratory personnel funded by POTAS to travel to Vienna or other foreign destinations will be required to prepare the DOE F 551.1, Request for Approval of Foreign Travel and electronic country clearances (eCCs), to obtain travel authorization from the Department of Energy (DOE). This procedure explains the various steps to be taken in preparing the eCC.

See also: Country Clearance Instructions