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Lactation Rooms

The lactation rooms offer a dedicated, hygienic, private and quiet space for nursing mothers to pump their breast milk during their time at work. The private rooms contain comfortable chairs, electrical outlets, a sink with running water, a refrigerator for milk storage, lock boxes for securing stored milk, and antimicrobial cleaning supplies. The lactation room located in Bldg. 490, Room 8-13 also has a distress alarm and telephone.

Mothers are encouraged to register to enroll in the lactation program and agree to the established guidelines in order to use the facility. The purpose of the enrollment is to track participation in the program as well as ensure that mothers agree and adhere to the established guidelines.

To enroll in the program, please review the Lactation Room Use Guidelines, complete the Participation Agreement (pdf) and submit to Donna Lombardi in OMC.

All nursing mothers who are employees and guests must register with Human Resources/Occupational Medicine (HROM) to use the room on an ongoing basis. There is no fee for the use of the lactation room.

Building 490

Lactation room private stations located in Room 8-13, Building 490, Medical Building.

Building 741

Lactation room private station located in Room 160, Building 741, NSLS-II.

Building 745

Lactation room private stations located in Room 160, Building 745, NSLS-II.