Brookhaven Lab Holds Career Open House, March 29

UPTON, NY - Brookhaven National Laboratory will hold a Career Open House on Saturday, March 29, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Laboratory's Berkner Hall. Human resources representatives and hiring managers will conduct preliminary interviews for specific positions at the Laboratory. Pre-registration is strongly recommended for all attendees via the web at Prospective candidates should bring a copy of their resumé. All visitors to the Laboratory age 16 and over must carry a photo ID.

The Career Open House will showcase careers in many areas of the Laboratory, including engineering, information technology, and project controls positions. The Laboratory carries out basic and applied research in numerous fields, from biology and chemistry to physics and materials science. Brookhaven Lab is especially seeking mechanical and electrical engineers, project-planning professionals, information technology experts and other technical staff at the Laboratory's soon-to-be-built National Synchrotron Light Source-II (NSLS-II), a world-class facility.

The design for the $912-million NSLS-II was completed in 2007, construction is expected to begin in 2009, and operations are expected to start in 2015. The new light source will produce x-rays 10,000 brighter than those of Brookhaven's National Synchrotron Light Source, which has been in operation since 1982. The extremely powerful x-rays at NSLS-II will allow exploration into new frontiers of science in a wide range of disciplines, including structural biology, nanoscience and materials science. The Career Open House will also showcase positions in engineering and technical areas at the Laboratory's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), a world-class facility for basic research in frontier nuclear physics. Physicists at RHIC have discovered the "perfect" liquid - a quark-gluon plasma that is thought to have existed fractions of a second after the birth of the universe. Opportunities for mechanical and electrical engineers, technicians and information technology experts may be available at RHIC.

Established in 1947, Brookhaven Lab is owned and primarily funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Brookhaven Science Associates manages the Laboratory for DOE and currently employs approximately 2,700 scientists and support staff at Brookhaven's 5,300-acre campus. Home to six Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry, the Laboratory creates and operates major facilities available to university, industrial, and government personnel for basic and applied research in physical, biomedical and environmental sciences, and energy technologies. To learn more about career opportunities at Brookhaven Lab, check the following website:


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