The following news release was issued today by the Long Island Capital Alliance (LICA). Brookhaven National Laboratory partnered with LICA on its June 8 Technology Transfer Capital Forum, which featured several Brookhaven technologies currently available for licensing.

Long Island Capital Alliance Draws Record Attendance for Technology Transfer Capital Forum with Brookhaven National Laboratory

Neil Kaufman Elected Chairman of LICA; Jeffrey Bass to Serve as Chairman Emeritus

Melville, NY – The Long Island Capital Alliance (“LICA”), the leading non-profit capital formation and business development organization serving regional companies, today announced the successful completion of the Technology Transfer Capital Forum held on June 8, 2012. The event was held in furtherance of an alliance between LICA and Brookhaven National Laboratory (“BNL”), a world-leading research institution.

The forum commenced with an award presented to Jeffrey Bass, LICA’s former Chairman, in recognition of his service to the organization for more than 25 years. LICA appointed Mr. Bass as Chairman Emeritus, with Neil Kaufman being elected as its new Chairman. Corey Massella was appointed to the position of President.

“It was an honor to present Jeff Bass with an award for his leadership of LICA and service to the Long Island business community for over two decades,” said Neil Kaufman, LICA’s newly elected Chairman, who also chaired the Technology Transfer Capital Forum with BNL. “It is perhaps more rewarding that the efforts put forth by Jeff, the entire LICA organization and BNL as our partner culminated in record attendance for the Technology Transfer Capital Forum, which showcased potentially transformational technologies discovered and under development at BNL. Our investor panel was highly informative, and provided enormous value to our entrepreneur attendees. We had over 100 attendees at this forum, with a record number of investment community members and entrepreneurs. It is clear that LICA’s new approach to facilitating the formation and acceleration of high-growth businesses on Long Island through alliances with regional partners such as BNL is delivering its intended results.”

BNL’s Deputy Director for Science & Technology Doon Gibbs commented in his opening remarks at the Technology Transfer Forum, “It is a pleasure to be associated with LICA to fulfill our mission of creating federal/private partnerships in the areas of energy, health, national security and technology.”

Over 100 technologies are available at BNL for commercial development, with several of the most promising of those selected to present at the LICA forum.

“The Technology Transfer Forum generated significant investor interest in the companies that are commercializing BNL technologies,” said Walter Copan, BNL’s managing director of Technology Commercialization and Partnerships.

Terrence Lall, President and CEO of Hybridyne Imaging Technologies, Inc., one of the presenting companies commercializing BNL technologies for medical imaging markets added, “Hybridyne was delighted to participate in the LICA Forum. Our company has received confirmation that we have a committed lead investor now seeking to build an investment syndicate to support our company’s plans for growth. We look forward to completing this financing based on the new contacts made through the Technology Transfer Forum.”

Technology Transfer Capital Forum Industry Experts and Guest Speakers:

  • Doon Gibbs, Deputy Director for Science and Technology, BNL,
  • Bob Gordon, U.S. Department of Energy,
  • Walter Copan, Managing Director, Technology Commercialization and Partnerships, BNL,
  • David L. Calone, CEO of Jove Equity Partners LLC,
  • William J. Catacosinos, Managing Partner of Laurel Hill Capital Partners LLC,
  • John Maroney, Vice President, Office of Technology Transfer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and
  • Steve Winick, Principal of Topspin Partners, LP

Technology Transfer Capital Forum Presenting Companies/Technologies:

Hybridyne Imaging Technologies, Inc.: Hybridyne solves the problem of reliably detecting small-scale, early stage prostate cancer by using a new compact digital gamma camera combined with commercially available radiopharmaceuticals for high-resolution localization and imaging of malignant prostate tumors without the need for multiple, potentially harmful invasive biopsies.

NextRay, Inc.: Bringing breakthrough high-resolution, low-dose medical imaging technique from the synchrotron to the doctor's office. NextRay technology produces more detailed images with less than one percent of the radiation used in current X-ray imaging systems.

New Technology for Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes: This technology will create more powerful lithium ion batteries, which are key components of portable consumer electronic devices, electric vehicles, and grid-scale energy storage systems. Batteries with this technology have been show to have more energy efficiency and longer lifetime than current lithium ion batteries.

High Performance Room-Temperature Radiation Detector: These compact cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) detectors can identify elemental isotopes and perform high-spatial-resolution digital imaging. The ability to operate at room temperature makes these high-performance CZT detectors more practical in many applications and cost-effective compared to existing detectors that require an expensive cooling apparatus for handling liquid nitrogen. Increased charge collection efficiency and higher energy resolution offered by the unique BNL CZT detector design enables the use of commercially available imperfect CZT crystals, supporting fabrication of a robust, low-cost detector system.

SMES/Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage Technology: This superconductor-based energy storage technology uses powerful magnetic fields to store huge amounts of energy and connects these energy storage devices to the electric power grid. SMES uses superconducting cables that virtually eliminate power losses, which can revolutionize energy storage and transmission worldwide.

SynchroPET: Commercializing new positron emission tomography (PET) technology out of Brookhaven National Laboratory. The company is currently working on four prototypes, two for pre-clinical research and drug development, and two for human diagnostics. All four devices can be considered disruptive technologies in their respective fields. SynchroPET creates detailed images and quantitative analysis for actionable knowledge in medical research and diagnostics through innovative scalable solutions.

About the Long Island Capital Alliance:

Since 1984, the Long Island Capital Alliance (, formerly known as Long Island Venture Group, has been promoting business growth on Long Island. LICA seeks to create a productive and business-friendly environment that will afford area businesses access to the resources necessary to compete successfully in today's markets. LICA serves as a focal point for the exchange of ideas among new and existing business enterprises, successful entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers. Through quarterly capital forums and special meetings, LICA brings together members of the region's business community, and has been recognized as the place to turn to when small businesses needs equity, debt, or other financing, or for investors to find an attractive investment opportunity.

LICA's mission is to encourage economic development on Long Island by facilitating capital formation for a broad range of companies in various industries, from early stage to mature middle market closely held and publicly-traded businesses. LICA accomplishes this primarily through education, networking, quarterly capital forums, periodic special educational meetings, and alliances with other regional organizations. LICA brings together members of the region's business community and serves as the finance arm for significant local business and organizations.

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