Brookhaven's Visual Media on Flickr, YouTube

To make professional photos of the Laboratory easily available to employees and others, the Lab has set up an account on, an online photo-sharing website. BNL's Flickr site includes images in various categories including: general site images, research and facilities, Nobel Prize winners, historical, community, and educational program photos. Images are in high-resolution format and are easily downloadable by journalists, collaborators, and others for non-commercial use. (They can be used in publications and presentations.) As is the case with all Lab images, those that are available on Flickr may not be used to endorse or promote a product or service.

Additional images will be added to the Lab's Flickr account in the future. Images that were contained in the Lab's image library have been added to the Flickr site and hyperlinks that previously resolved to the Lab's image library will now redirect browsers to Brookhaven's images on the Flickr site. To go directly to Brookhaven Lab's photostream on Flickr, click here.

Brookhaven Lab also has a YouTube channel that features select videos on a variety of Lab-related topics. A link to the Lab's YouTube channel may be found on WBNL or you can access the YouTube channel directly at

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