Irvin Meyer and His Ornate Glasswork

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Irvin Meyer

Irvin Meyer, a star of Brookhaven Lab’s November 2009 Art & Crafts Show, displayed the delicate and beautifully colored glass vases that he makes and sells, even now that he is 94. Meyer joined the Lab in 1948 as its third glassblower, vital to scientific experiments in the days before a wider choice of instrumentation became commercially available. In addition to his regular work, he enjoyed demonstrating and explaining his craft to the many summer visitors and students who came to the Lab to learn about different aspects of science.

“At one time, I was almost as much in use as a lecturer as a glassblower,” he joked. Meyer retired in 1984, but twice, he was asked to return to the Lab and use his skill to help build new instruments. Now, he is far from retired from his profession, as the BNL Art Society was delighted to find out at the recent show.

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